Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beauty Trends of 2011

Had this sudden urge of doing some quick blogging, but is damn lazy to edit photos I've taken in events or outings, so I shall just like 'copy and paste' some information I saw in Vogue's website and talk about Beauty Trends of 2011 (prediction.... I guess!?)

2010 is going to end in less than 48 hours from now, and seriously I have a fear of what's waiting for me in 2011. ( I know I said that I will accept any new challenges in my previous post.... But you know, woman tends to have their own safe zone and protect themselves.)

One of the things I'm DYING to know is: What's in trend (fashion) for 2011!? And these is what I got:

*Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2011*

Sun-kissed Seventies Glow:
No more autumn/winter like earth tone for new year, a sun-kissed skin is what in trend for the lovely spring and summer of 2011. And by looking at this photo, I assume that one should have perfect, flawless skin like the model to achieve such a glowy look. Boohoo for those who rely on foundation + concealer = ME! :(

*Freja Beha Erichsen at Gucci spring/summer 2011*

Perfectly Painted Red Lips:
Easily can be achieve with a lip brush! Plus a lil bit of concealer to shape it up if you're a messy painter just like me. But with this lips, you'll have to keep other face feature to the minimal, no heavy shape eyebrow, no bronzer shaping, no heavy eyeliner (except you want to portray punk/rock style), and of course, not so colorful attire. Maybe my 1st of January look should be something like this, Ha!

*Derek Lam spring/summer 2011*

Bright pastel eyeshadow colours with a chalky finish:
Bright, pastel, colour, if don't know how to do it right, will end up look like ah lian. -_-""" Actually I'm quite bored of earth tone eyeshadow already, but at the same time, I don't think I can carry pastel colour.... I think I shall give this a pass. (Or just secretly do it when I'm alone at home. Haha!)

*Marc by Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2011*

Big, Blown-out Seventies Frizz:
It's all about 70's style!!! But no, I can't do this to my hair.... no, No, NO!!!!

*Lindsey Wixson at Versace for spring/summer 2011*

Beautiful, Natural Skin That GLOWWWWWWSSS:
Beautiful skin, glowy skin, it really seems I need to 'scrub' my face more often from now....

*Christian Dior spring/summer 2011*

Loval (Long + Oval shaped), Perfectly manicured and Lacquered in EYE-POPPING COLOURS:
Did I told you that NEON COLOURS are in trend for 2011!? Even Burberry have some neon colours for their Spring/Summer 2011 accessories! I guess it's time to get more colours to add into my nail polish collection while the year end sales is still going on!

*Vera Wang spring/summer 2011*

Strong but Groomed Brows:
Woohoo~ An Asian face I saw, that means most of us have what it takes to create this type of brows! But same thing with the red lips style, other than the brows, other strong statement in any other section of the face feature will just make you look so wrong... So just stick with the brows ONLY!

*Donna Karan spring/summer 2011*

Soft, Feminine hair rolls with carefree, flyaway texture:
Hairstylists... S.O.S!! Good skills are needed to create this kind of carefree, flyaway texture, if not, will definitely look like you just got out of bed, in super rush and went out forgetting to comb your hair! Practise, practise, and more practise!!!! 

*Rodarte spring/summer 2011*

Chunky, Decorative Hair Barrettes:
It's time for Barrettes (I actually went google what is Barrette -_-"), no more for Alice Bands! (I prefer barrettes more than  Alice Bands, I look hilarious in Alice Band). Yay! I just love chunky, decorative hair accessories, don't you?

Last but not least, what I saw and think is essential in creating the Spring/Summer 2011 looks is NUDE LIPS (Except if you want to paint it red). Nude x Bright, Eye-Popping colour = balance out the looks! Yay! I think I just learn something today!

Let's style it up and look beautiful in year 2011 too! Happy New Year!!!! ^^


Anna said...

i wanna do nude lips too, but scared people say i pale hehe happy new year!

xoxo elle
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Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Maybe nude lips with strong eyeshadow? gotta balance stuff yo. :)

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