Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ginvera's Rynn Finds The Bride Contest

I've never spam so many people in Facebook for my whole life. (Apparently because I never bother to take part in any contest that needs 'vote' in Facebook, I'm way too lazy to beg for people to vote for me.)

And I don't know why, I just got nominated as one of the Top 10 contestants for this Ginvera Rynn Finds The Bride Contest. (I mean I know why, because I submitted myself to the contest, some more is yesterday, the dateline of the contest!)

To be honest, am not a fan of Rynn (林宇中)... Just got attracted by the prize!!! I want a bridal make-over!!! Even get the special prize then I'll be drop dead happy already!!!

Just got the call from the company this morning, saying that they'll upload my photo and let public vote for it, once I heard the 'vote' word, I'm like half give up already. I truly understands how annoying it is when people spam your wall, asking you to vote for them for some contest. And now I'm in this situation. Boohooo~

Another thing is, just now when I check the votes, some contestants got like hundreds of votes already! Makes me wanted to give up more... LOL!


The photo that I submitted for this contest. 

If you're seeing this, you own a facebook account, you're free and got nothing to do, and want to help me to win at least the special prize, do vote for me by liking my photo in the link provided below!

Step 1: Like this page

Step 2: Like my photo

Thank you so much for the votes!!

P.S: Will do another blog update soon! xoxo

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