Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello & Goodbye

Hi everyone.... It's been a while since I wrote my last blog post. I felt a bit paiseh for not updating to so I decided to write some nonsense tonight.

It's already the 23rd of December year 2010, 8 more days to a brand new year! How's your 2010 been? (OK! This post was suppose to be up on the 23rd!! And now is already THE 28TH!!! AHHHH!!!)

Mine is GREAT!!! I had met so many people this year, been through so many events, learned so many new stuff and never think of that I will be standing where I am standing right now. Not only just my own effort, everyone around me did well in helping me along way, I really have to say: THANK YOU!!!!

On the other side, my life is pretty much hectic with a lot of  emotional ups and downs, in EVERY SINGLE DAY! Don't know whether is it my unbalance hormone, unbalance diet or just pure Geminians thinking, my emotions are like roller coaster!!!! (Really thinks that those who able to withstand my weird emotions are God-Like!)

2011 is going to start in just a blink of eye, I will get ready (I hope!) to accept all the new challenges!!!

Oh ya! I haven't set my 2011 New Year Resolution.... Do I even have to start doing it? LOL! Maybe I should..... (Maybe no!?) LOL! I don't know la!!!! Whatever!!!!

P.S: I think I just thought of one of my 2011 new year resolution: Go Travel!!! (Sounds more like a wish! Hahahahahaha)

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