Saturday, December 31, 2011

♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ 明けましたおめでとう

In just about 15 mins, we'll be celebrating a new start, a brand new year - year 2012. Isn't that great and a hopeful one?

Looking back at what happened in year 2011, I can pretty much sum up that it's not a good year... Many has happened, but that's how I learned and become a stronger me.

I do not know what's waiting for me in year 2012, but let's just hope that it will be a better one shall we?

Fight and struggle to become a better person, not for anyone, but for myself. I guess this is what my new year resolution will be. ( I often abandon my new year resolution, so I might go on with a simple one this year haha)

And see! It's the 2012 Dragon year version of Rilakkuma. Hope everyone have a great year ahead!

Happy Holiday!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Seriously, this gonna be the one thing that blows up all the merry feelings of a coming new year. If you don't wish to read all the raging words below and let them ruin your new year, click close please.

I kinda wonder, did I convey my message clear enough in above picture? YES! In case you were wondering, this is what stick on the fridge's door at my house, as vulgar as it is, some stupid asshole still doesn't get it.

Due to reason of money, me and my bro kinda like argued, and each stand one side, I guess that's quite some months ago, and ever since then, we did not talk at all. Yeah, not a word, till today, it's still as it is.

As usual, I bought some groceries and stuff back home. Drinks, snacks, etc... And stuff them into the fridge so I can eat it whenever I want. And yeah, the fucker kinda like took 1 or 2 cans of drinks for himself, without notifying me at all, and I was all raged up when I found out, and stick the notes at the fridge's door. That too, was months ago.

So my bro kinda like stop smuggling food for himself, but complaint bout the notes to my mum instead. Yeah, so? Do I give a fuck? NO! Because you weren't good to me, why should I be so fucking generous to you, right? I'll just do what I do, eat what I bought and without stepping into your territory, why can't you just fucking do the same!?

Then, he throw my cat Coffee away, luckily Coffee was smart enough to find her way home, let the main door open when Coffee wasn't lock up in cage and hoping she could runaway etc etc... Did I confront him with all these? No. I keep quiet. I can still get a hold from all these without raging up, I can still be nice and maintain the fake peace in between.

Until today, I'm starving, and wanna get some chocolates and drinks from the fridge, I found that 4 cans of remaining drinks and almost one pack full of chocolates, all gone. Am I mad? I'm pretty sure I am. How can someone be so shameless? It's not like he asked me about it or something, more over we're not in a good relationship now, so? What's with all these nonsense he did upon me?

But I know, I can only remain silent... And there's nothing I can do. Despite of hatred, what I feel is sorry for such a fucker who didn't realize what he did has caused others damaged physically and mentally and yet still think he's doing the right thing, without any shame.

I won't do anything to him, in fact, I will wait karma does that for me. I know karma is a bad bitch and she will slap you right at your face for me someday. You better watch out.

Fuck you asshole.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Am having a relationship with Rilakkuma pens lately. Got 3 of them in just a few days. (And not to mention, another 4 pens I got right on Christmas Eve as Christmas presents.)

Thank you very much, these are very lovely pens ( and very expensive ones too ;____; ) and I'm not sure whether I will use them or not. Too cute for not to use them, and too expensive if do. *forever dilemma*

Kinda having GOOD movie marathon lately. Hope the streak doesn't ends tonight. Gonna watch "The Darkest Hour" in just a moment. Yeah.

Happy day. *loves*

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I <3 Smartphone

I really really love all the smartphones and ipod I owned now. And I kinda wonder what will I do if one day (choi!) they're spoilt/stolen/whatever mishaps happens...

I think I don't just only lost the phont contacts, basically what I lost is definitely beyond imagine. All the songs I love, photos I've taken, games I've play and keeping on track etc...

Couldn't imagine if it happens. I'll cry to death.


P.S: Just a random photo for some random thoughts and a blogpost. Haha.

Christmas 2011

A pretty busy and hectic one. Kinda moved in a fast pace, rushing here and there and done lotsa activities. How's yours?

Christmas Day Look.

Lunch, took lovely purikura, sing k session, walk around, then dinner, decorate the sliding door... All done in one day. I feel so contented!

Thank you for spending this magical day with me and did what you can for me. I'll remember this wonderful Christmas that I had with you. Such a lovely memories it will be.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

☆*:.。. ♥メリークリスマス♥ .。.:*☆

The title means "Meri Kurisumasu", as in how Japanese wishes Merry Christmas. And gosh, it's already 25th of December!!! Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Started my Christmas Eve at noon, and great, I had such a fun time at the newly opened Charlie Brown Cafe, Suria KLCC.

Boy oh boy this is kinda like the first themed restaurant I've been, and I just can't help myself by saying "omg so cute!" or "omg see that! Did you see that!? So cute!" for so many times. Lol.

They have so many merchandises displayed around, and their desserts are just so adorable! ♥

And tadaaa, this is a part of what we had today:

Charlie Brown gang waffles, Snoopy chocolate drink and Woodstock Mocha drink. Just imagine that putting all the cute characters food in your mouth and chew on it, what a waste!

Since the soft launch was just a few days ago, some section are still closed for preparation and most of the main course are still unavailable. But nonetheless, we still have some very fun 'syok sendiri' time eating, drinking and looking around.

Took tons of polaroids and photos using phones etc... Just can't get enough all the cuteness that is on the cafe. I think I'm in love of Snoopy because of ♥ You ♥.

Spent some time at Kinokuniya and Isetan, and bought these as my Christmas presents (I think):

Yes, Rilakkuma again. Lol. Decorating tape, stickers, pens and yes, candy cane! Haha.

Just when I reach home, I found this right at my doorstep:

Seisyun Mail!!

I kinda knew Kei is the one who send it, but I never knew that each and every member of Seisyun wrote a message in this card! I really can't help but feeling touched and almost bring me to tears when I'm reading each an every message written in it.

This card to me is like the chicken soup for my soul, a signature hot chocolate on Christmas Day! Warm and cozy. Thanks guys. I love you all!!!

I guess this pretty much sums up this Christmas for me. Even though there's so much heartaches and tears recently, but I believe that things will be better, just don't stop believing and have faith, right? Everything's gonna be alright.

Hope that everyone have a wonderful Christmas and holidays!!!

P.S: I still think it's kinda sad that I don't have Christmas tree this year...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Rilakkuma Mail

A blogpost through Rilakkuma Mail!

Rilakkuma mail is an application bought through Apple's AppStore. Can add all those cute emoticons of Rilakkuma and stuff while writing the email, isn't fun?

Just when I'm so excited that all the emoticons are able to show in a testing blogpost earlier, I just found out that this application can't attach any images into the email.

I mean like how wasted It is that cute Rilakkuma emoticons can be shown but can't attach any images. As a buyer of an email application, image attaching function is a must right?

I already send a feedback email to imagineer (the team for creating this apps) Hopefully there'll be any improvement not updates for this issue.

Anyway, gotta get some sleep now. Such a cold night.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

The photo isn't really related to the festival, but the Kit Kat in white chocolate flavour is the winter version of the product and selling in Japan. Cool right? I love how Japanese able to make all these daily stuff into something fancy.

And yay, got another 2 sheets of Rilakkuma stickers from Tokyo Street! The Chocolate & Coffee version again. Looking at all the cute tiny Rilakkuma characters really makes me feel relax and happy. I guess this might be one of the stress relieve method I'm into recently.

How's the festival celebration? So far so good? I haven't have a single tang yuen yet! Am thinking of getting some from pasar malam or something. I would love to try those with fillings, or those coated with sugar and nuts.

I'm missing Xuan Xuan terribly, and I really hope he is doing fine in this festival back at hometown. All my blessings goes to you my baby. I love you.

Happy Winter Solstice Festival everyone.

P.S: 3 days before Christmas, excited?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chocolate & Coffee

Finally got myself a complete pair of Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma from the Chocolate & Coffee series!

Such adorable plushie in fluffy costume, each holding a piece of Rilakkuma Chocolate bar.

I think I'll sneak some coffee beans out of Starbucks or Coffee Bean and stuff those into these two plushies. (笑)

The aroma of Chocolate and Coffee is definitely relaxing, and yeah, definitely matching with Christmas season! ^w^

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Suki just come back from Japan, and thanks to her, everyone from Seisyun able to meet up for a yumcha session.

LOL funny when think of the situation that night.

Anyway, there she goes, back to Japan and continue her working life, and so does everyone.

Quite a long time I abandoned this blog didn't I? Feel so sorry about this... But from now on, will try to update more from my mobile! (Since I don't have internet connection at home... -_-;;;)

It's Christmas week! Have you prepared all the gifts and decorations? I'm pretty much excited to decorate using the snow spray, gonna do it soon! Yay! XD

P.S: The photo is the homecook Laksa hyped by all the Seisyun members, by Suki's mum. Spicy max!! Love it. 8D==

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

luxe tropics x ibiza Spring/Summer 2011

This awesome Tropical x Under The Sea collection is presented to you by Bimba & Lola!

Bimba & Lola, a Spanish brand created by Maria and Uxia Dominguez, of Jesus Dominguez and Sociedad Tetil Lonia. In year 2008, Bimba and Lola manage to opened its FIRST outlet in Malaysia. Until today, there's 3 outlets in Kuala Lumpur, which located at Pavilion KL, The Gardens and One Utama.

I'm so happy that i'm invited by Xavier Mah as a media blogger to cover this Spring and Summer collection fashion showcase which took place at Zouk, 30th of March 2011.

When I reach the place, I saw lots of 'sailors' and 'hookers'. The dress code of the night was Sailors and Hookers. And apparently, I chose sailor! Haha. (Maybe because I totally have no idea how hookers was supposed to look/dress like. Haha!)

The HUGE HUGE Banner for the fashion showcase.

In love with the brand already!!

Projector showing all the products photo slide of this season.

The pretty host of the night and Bimba & Lola's Marketing Director - Diana Koon.

The two themes – Tropical and Under the Sea – promise great fashion excitement for those who favour easy-to-wear new look. While Tropical captures the silhouette of the 50s and 70s with supersized shapes that make bold statements, Under the Sea is inspired by looks and shapes created in the 1920s scorching through gorgeous earth tones that combined the sensual colour for a sophisticated silhouette.

On the launch that night, we saw lots of beautiful and always on-the-go look with these two themes! Totally suits the busy KL City lifestyle people and yet, still a fashionista, no?

Midi-Length dresses are the RAGE!!!

Ooooh~ Classic sailor style in Black and White! I LOVE her bag!

Is Jasmine! I totally love her way of strutting down the runway.

Gave me a kind of "Traveling" feel. Stylista on the plane anyone?

Here comes the Luxe Tropics series. With all the prints, colorful and attractive. 

Super love this whole match. So fun yet girlish.

Here's a lil wild stuff from the Tropics series. Trench coat and pearls are totally glam the whole style up. Looks like Hollywood star walking down the street.


All the good looking, fun and happy models.

LOL! Damn late only take photo at the backdrop, spotlight tak ada dah! >_<

Nice hair we have for that night! XD

Enjoyed the night! Thanks to AXPR which invited me over. I just love fashion so so much! <3