Friday, January 28, 2011

Clubbed To Death

Met a lot of people, and lots of new stuff keep on happening around me. New friendship, new conversation, new items added into my wardrobe etc etc... A brand new kind of level I'm experiencing in my life.

However, not everything is happening the way they should be... At least I know, I faced some issue/people whom I can't manage to handle them perfectly, like how I used to be. A bit stressed out.

'Consulted' my friends about these issues and people, and to my surprise, a lot of different comments, and not all of them are standing at the same point as me. Maybe is a good thing I guess, I don't want to be blinded by myself too much until I can't see what's the REAL situation going on.

Am happy that things are finally working out and too, I'm able to let go of something that I've been bearing it for the pass few weeks.

Feels great to be a brand new Reiko again!!!

*bought so many CNY clothes and accessories!!! Sibeh happy, some items even have 50% discount (which I'm not aware of!) Surprise + Happy + Satisfied!!!*

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Horse Walk

Went to Modeling Class today, because was told that Ben will teach the batch 4 dramatic catwalk... And I missed quite some classes before, it's time to polish my walk again.

Was late today, rushed into class... And start off with fashion walk... Not long after that, one of the Ben's assistant catwalk lecturer for academy came in... And she is Ethel Cho.

Saw her photos on Academy's facebook... And this is the first time I saw her, and being taught by her. Nervous and a bit uneasy is all I felt, it's been quite some time never got into such serious class and some more with a bunch of batch 4 students whom I barely know.

And to my surprise, I learn so, so much from her, a totally different kind of style from what we learn from Ben.

Ethel is one of those pageant kind who are soft and elegant in her walk, while Ben is always so dramatic and strong in his walk. I find it quite confusing sometimes, but I somehow realize that absorb what's being taught to me is the key!!!

Being a model, is to be as versatile as she can, and now, I'm just like stuck in a dramatic kind of walk, some sort of horse walk, bouncy, strong, and so lack of elegance. *sigh*

I'm so glad that I can open my eyes and felt more about what's in modeling industry. To learn, to absorb as much as I can, to gain experience and to become a better me.

Tomorrow will be another class of catwalk by Ethel too. Hopes tomorrow will be a great learning day again!! (And some of the batch 1 students will join the class too!! Hooray!!! )


* I just realize that this post is full of myself, only what can be understand by me. LOL! But whatever, this is my blog! XD*

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ah Boy

Ah Boy, my friend Peiyue's newly added family member. Is a super cute, small and fluffy shih tzu (is it a shih tzu? I'm not sure) male puppy.

I've always wanted a pet since I'm 8. That's when the time I move to Setapak and it was a government housing programme and we're not allowed to keep pets at all. (although I know there's still people who ignore the rules and still keep pets tho.)

My mum and my dad were against of me and my brothers keeping pets.... But then during secondary school time, BroJason got two hamsters from his best friend, and that's the first time we got ourselves house pet. But frankly, I know that I don't want a hamster as my pet. I want something that will respond to my calling, or something I can hug when I want to even when I'm sleeping.

If you ask me what's the ending for the hamsters... They're all gone.... Either dead or escaped. Hamsters are such a cruel rodent type animal which eat their own children or fight with each other, until serious injury or bite the opponent till death. Ewwww..... I don't want this kind of pet no no!!!

Until today, I'm still unable to rare a pet by myself even though I'm not living with my parents already. I really, really, really wanted to get myself a puppy or a kitty. For dog I would like it to be a poodle, preferably dark brown toy poodle. As for cat, any cute looking cats will do. (except for Persian or Siamese... Really dislike cats with attitude problem. -_-")

I actually thought of SPCA but I know they're not going to approve me as a qualify pet owner because I'm living at flat. Flat owners can't keep pets. Sigh. How unfair!

*ah boy... Cute puppy!*

*look at its two big, round watery eyes.... It looks like it's begging you to hug it!* 

*start to pretend emo show its full power cuteness to you when you didn't hug it! So cute can die lo!!!*

*Me too want a cute puppy which will look at me like this. I guess I'll never feel boring just looking it.*

I think it'll totally become a different story when I own one by myself as I'll have to walk it, feed it, bath it, wash its poo and stuff, but still didn't it feel great to have someone to welcome you back home EVERYTIME without complaining: Why I have to do so!? Or someone there to accompany you whenever or whatever you're doing without any complaints or disturbs... Or someone there to listen to you and you don't even have to worry that all your secrets will be told to others.

Seriously, I really have to get one pet for myself!!