Friday, January 28, 2011

Clubbed To Death

Met a lot of people, and lots of new stuff keep on happening around me. New friendship, new conversation, new items added into my wardrobe etc etc... A brand new kind of level I'm experiencing in my life.

However, not everything is happening the way they should be... At least I know, I faced some issue/people whom I can't manage to handle them perfectly, like how I used to be. A bit stressed out.

'Consulted' my friends about these issues and people, and to my surprise, a lot of different comments, and not all of them are standing at the same point as me. Maybe is a good thing I guess, I don't want to be blinded by myself too much until I can't see what's the REAL situation going on.

Am happy that things are finally working out and too, I'm able to let go of something that I've been bearing it for the pass few weeks.

Feels great to be a brand new Reiko again!!!

*bought so many CNY clothes and accessories!!! Sibeh happy, some items even have 50% discount (which I'm not aware of!) Surprise + Happy + Satisfied!!!*

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

you are surely the new Reiko who's now a model with potential opportunities coming for you. but somehow i miss those post that you have with Xuan Xuan