Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Horse Walk

Went to Modeling Class today, because was told that Ben will teach the batch 4 dramatic catwalk... And I missed quite some classes before, it's time to polish my walk again.

Was late today, rushed into class... And start off with fashion walk... Not long after that, one of the Ben's assistant catwalk lecturer for academy came in... And she is Ethel Cho.

Saw her photos on Academy's facebook... And this is the first time I saw her, and being taught by her. Nervous and a bit uneasy is all I felt, it's been quite some time never got into such serious class and some more with a bunch of batch 4 students whom I barely know.

And to my surprise, I learn so, so much from her, a totally different kind of style from what we learn from Ben.

Ethel is one of those pageant kind who are soft and elegant in her walk, while Ben is always so dramatic and strong in his walk. I find it quite confusing sometimes, but I somehow realize that absorb what's being taught to me is the key!!!

Being a model, is to be as versatile as she can, and now, I'm just like stuck in a dramatic kind of walk, some sort of horse walk, bouncy, strong, and so lack of elegance. *sigh*

I'm so glad that I can open my eyes and felt more about what's in modeling industry. To learn, to absorb as much as I can, to gain experience and to become a better me.

Tomorrow will be another class of catwalk by Ethel too. Hopes tomorrow will be a great learning day again!! (And some of the batch 1 students will join the class too!! Hooray!!! )


* I just realize that this post is full of myself, only what can be understand by me. LOL! But whatever, this is my blog! XD*

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