Monday, February 21, 2011

127 Hours

Watched 127 Hours, and there's only one word to describe my feelings as I'm walking out from the cinema - Live Life to the Fullest! You'll never know when there'll be 'rocks' coming down from above and crash on you!

I hears some people say this movie isn't that good... But you know which movie is worst? Buried. (Google 'Buried Movie') I mean, that's the most cost saving movie I've ever seen! The concept is somewhat similar with 127 Hours, about someone trapped and no one knows where he is.... But director of 127 Hours manage to add more twist and turn of plots to his movie! So it's actually quite witty how James Franco was talking to the video camcorder.

Watched this movie after issues happened in my life, and seriously it made me think a lot. How Aaron Ralston live his life, how regret he was for ignoring calls from his mum, how he felt when his girlfriend left him.... Everything... How he fought and struggle to live, cut his arm to escape from the rock that crashed his arm and trap him in the Blue John canyon... How hopeless situation he was in, but then, he's still thinking how to live, and try to let others discover him... Seriously, what a guy!

In the end, he managed to escape, walked so far until he manage to see people and ask for help. That's the real attitude of living - Not Giving Up! Not even for one second!!!

Even though now, I'm still seeking a target in my life, a bit lost in the middle of nowhere now, but will continue to struggle and live my life to the fullest. Life is so short that's why it's something precious and beautiful, isn't? :)

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Carrie Tai said...

hi dear, how are u doing? been quite sometime din read your blog due to my hectic life.