Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

After one year, I finally watched this movie...  And I fell in love with it, like seriously.

How can Malaysian produced such an amazing movie? It touched my heart and I know, itrg touched those who have/had love in their heart. I wonder does it reminds you of your first love? Or the first time when two of you met? Such an unexplainable yet miraculous feeling and this movie shows it all.

The kind of sweet yet sourish taste of an unclear relationship between you and him/her... What a  memory isn't? Too bad, just like a bowl of ice kacang, this taste of feeling will not last forever, it will be a part of your memory that you will not forget for the rest of your life.

After I watch this movie, the song that Ah Niu sang inside the movie resounds in my head until today! (fyi, I watch this movie on first day of CNY) How geng is that song??? So perfectly sung, with the sadness hidden in the vocal, sang for a love that will never be forgotten.

And I'm so desperately to find the original soundtrack of this movie... Thought that I'm able to go to MidValley's super huge Speedy shop but too bad, got caught up in something.... I want the song NOW!!!!

And I realize, sometimes something is better left unsaid... You will never know what responds or reaction that you're gonna get... It is better that I protect my own from getting hurt, and protect my perfect image in front of you, so that whenever you thought of me, it will be something beautiful, and no ugliness at all.

All the sadness, the despair, the unsatisfied, are all meant to me, myself. I'm the one who should bear all these all by myself in order to give you the best, not the bad ones.

I thought love was to share the happiness, sadness, disappoinments and ugliness together, but I guess all these only apply to fairytales, not real life living humans, not me, not you.

I shall keep all these to myself, all the loneliness I felt, because I know, whatever I say or do, you will not understand, nor you try to stand on my side and understands me... Because you are not me, you will never be me, and feel the pain I feel. All sadness that I share with you, are just an imagination to you.

Today, I just learned something new: How to treat others better in order to let them see the angelic side of me, and give hell to my soul.

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