Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been thinking, what my life had become in these few days. So many ups and downs my heart barely able to withstand... And yet, I know I'll have to be strong, stand tough and keep going on.

So many friends and family members leave their comments and likes on my facebook wall, thank you very much for all of your concerns, I really appreciate the good intention of caring from each and everyone of you... But sometimes, we'll have to deal with life ourselves right?

Things changed, the feelings changed, you've changed, I changed... The feeling of waking up to welcoming a new day will never be the same again... Even though how much I miss the happy, carefree me, I know somehow it has been left in my past, unable to retrieve back anymore. And now, my mission is to create a new me, create a new form of happy feelings that is suit with the present me. (Which I wonder you understand what I'm saying or not, because I don't really understand. Haha!)

Somehow I wonder, is this the MUST kind of pathway a person transform into adult? Are what I felt recently the 'adult kinda feeling'? If yes... I pity all those adults out there, and I pity myself from transforming into one of them, which I've been restraining myself to be so much.

I've been living my life the way I wanted all the time, it's so happy, so freedom... But I know, society and people around me, aren't agree with what I'm doing. I'm considered as anti-social (family), selfish (because I do what I want and how I want it) and no future (freelance job, don't have any skills and certs at all).

Even though without all the recognition from the society I'm living... I'm still happy with it, because I'm doing what I want. You guys aren't happy with me, is because you guys can't do what I'm doing, and at the same time, still feeling so unhappy even though you already did what the society or other people want you to. Am I right? Hah! Gotcha!!!

As we already knew, life is so freakin' short... So freakin' short until there's no time to think a matter whether it's right or wrong. (Of course, not talking about illegal stuff here!) Something that seems so wrong today, may turn out to be right tomorrow. So who is there to judge what you're doing is right or wrong? Leave all the judgement till your own judgement day with God.

As long as I'm happy, I see there's no wrong for me to continue doing what I want to... Of course, there's always consequences and responsibilities, and beg your pardon, I'm old enough to realize what matter I'll be facing if I do this or if I do that, so no worries, I know what I'm doing, exactly.

Once again, I really wanted to thanks for all the concern from everyone, but sorry to be rude, it got totally nothing to do with you, you should get busy with your life, not mine. Haha. If you really want to bother mine, please do say yes when I ask you for lunch/yumcha. Haha.

Thank you so much for reading 'my muses'. Lol! Thanks for watching and good day! XD

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Unknown said...

life is short. enjoy every moment that you have now, every adult will experience similar things to be more mature. if this is the way you've chosen then dun regret anymore. follow it. who knows if it end well?

Huai Bin said...

Yup, you should live life the way you want to. Like the cliche go - you only live once so I always try to live life my way. :)

Happy Chap Goh Meh!

Joey said...

yes, we do can live a life that we want.

I you love a person so much, you will live a life which will make he/she (can be your kid as well) laugh happily everyday.

Give your trust to God, He will provide what we need. He will never give you a test you can't never get pass. I am Catholic. I experience the incident you will never able to imagine.

Me and my man get thru all of it and now we begin a new start. We really start from zero. You will never know how much of tears I have dropped for the past 2 years.

Live a life you want, there is nothing wrong with it. At the mean time, you able to get NEUTRAL condition between the life you want and your family.

Everyone learn while they grow to become an adult. Everyone does wrong and right thing everyday and your learn from there and yes, I ageed with you, no one can judge you about that.

I have no offense for the above. It just something I have heard from my RCIA class last week.

I believe there is no such thing as LUCK and COINCIDENT. HE have showed me that.

As story to share with you :D

mun said...

I wish you and your family all the best in the path that you have chosen. May you find happiness and fulfillment! :)