Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Saddest Day on Earth

I just been through something extraordinary... A pain that is so pain, I never felt it through my 24 years old life before.

Guess what people saying was right: There'll be no tears flowing out of your eyes when you're experiencing the saddest thing in your life. Yes, in the end, I didn't cry.

My heart is now broken into million pieces, so many pieces scattered around, I don't know how do I start to recollect them and mend them back into one whole piece... I guess it's pretty much impossible.

So pain... How long do I have to felt this pain until it's all gone?

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caixiuxiu said...

r u ok babe? hugs...b strong n tough k

Unknown said...

no matter what has happened, i am sure you'll be just fine sweetie, think about the good things in your life.*hugs

mun said...

The choice is still in your hands. You can still make a different decision if the current decision makes you feel so sad. Why split when the heart is so sad?