Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Que Sera Sera

I remember when I was small, I can't wait to grow up, can't wait to get a taste of this world, can't wait to take the full control of my freedom and do things that I wanna do and go to places that I wanna go. The world is like a big playground for me, I'm standing at the ticket booth, queuing up to get the ticket access to this so call 'wonderland'.

Now, I'm standing inside the territory of this playground... Yes, am officially inside, and just hopped on some rides. Some rides called love, marriage, child birth, work, stress... etc. And there's still some rides I haven't try just yet.

Why do I feel more and more confused when time passes by? I thought by learning from all the life experiences, things will get easier and easier, and solutions to problems will be much much more compare to what we haven't learn before...

But how come I feel stressful, heartache and confused every now and then? Is it because that I'm fighting alone? I thought life is mine... An individual will remain to be alone even though they have partners, because we're born single,alone and we'll leave this world single, alone.

I never regret what I've done, because that's what makes me 'ME'. That's what makes me behaving, thinking, doing, believing, hoping what I'm hoping now, right at this moment. That's what makes people love me, like me or hate me. Because I am me.

Future, is covered by heavy mist. I can't even see what's lying in front of me, I can't predict what I'll be stepping on, or what I'll bump into if I take the next step. I'm afraid, I admit. But if I don't do anything, I'll end up standing at the same spot over and over again.

What if I fall if I took the next step? What if I got my heart broken if I took the next step? What if I bumped into something scary if I took the next step? What if.... I'll never know what'll happen until I do it.

I'll gather all my courage and strength, and took a step further. I will bear all the consequences, get over all the obstacles and get the very best experience out of everything that I'll encounter in the future. There's nothing to lose, and will always gaining... Because I believe in myself, and I believe in people who are believing in me.

We will get through all these hardships, and when we look back, we will know that each and every circumstances we've been through are not wasted. We will see the very best picture every now and then in this journey call 'Life'.
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