Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Suki just come back from Japan, and thanks to her, everyone from Seisyun able to meet up for a yumcha session.

LOL funny when think of the situation that night.

Anyway, there she goes, back to Japan and continue her working life, and so does everyone.

Quite a long time I abandoned this blog didn't I? Feel so sorry about this... But from now on, will try to update more from my mobile! (Since I don't have internet connection at home... -_-;;;)

It's Christmas week! Have you prepared all the gifts and decorations? I'm pretty much excited to decorate using the snow spray, gonna do it soon! Yay! XD

P.S: The photo is the homecook Laksa hyped by all the Seisyun members, by Suki's mum. Spicy max!! Love it. 8D==

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