Sunday, December 25, 2011

☆*:.。. ♥メリークリスマス♥ .。.:*☆

The title means "Meri Kurisumasu", as in how Japanese wishes Merry Christmas. And gosh, it's already 25th of December!!! Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Started my Christmas Eve at noon, and great, I had such a fun time at the newly opened Charlie Brown Cafe, Suria KLCC.

Boy oh boy this is kinda like the first themed restaurant I've been, and I just can't help myself by saying "omg so cute!" or "omg see that! Did you see that!? So cute!" for so many times. Lol.

They have so many merchandises displayed around, and their desserts are just so adorable! ♥

And tadaaa, this is a part of what we had today:

Charlie Brown gang waffles, Snoopy chocolate drink and Woodstock Mocha drink. Just imagine that putting all the cute characters food in your mouth and chew on it, what a waste!

Since the soft launch was just a few days ago, some section are still closed for preparation and most of the main course are still unavailable. But nonetheless, we still have some very fun 'syok sendiri' time eating, drinking and looking around.

Took tons of polaroids and photos using phones etc... Just can't get enough all the cuteness that is on the cafe. I think I'm in love of Snoopy because of ♥ You ♥.

Spent some time at Kinokuniya and Isetan, and bought these as my Christmas presents (I think):

Yes, Rilakkuma again. Lol. Decorating tape, stickers, pens and yes, candy cane! Haha.

Just when I reach home, I found this right at my doorstep:

Seisyun Mail!!

I kinda knew Kei is the one who send it, but I never knew that each and every member of Seisyun wrote a message in this card! I really can't help but feeling touched and almost bring me to tears when I'm reading each an every message written in it.

This card to me is like the chicken soup for my soul, a signature hot chocolate on Christmas Day! Warm and cozy. Thanks guys. I love you all!!!

I guess this pretty much sums up this Christmas for me. Even though there's so much heartaches and tears recently, but I believe that things will be better, just don't stop believing and have faith, right? Everything's gonna be alright.

Hope that everyone have a wonderful Christmas and holidays!!!

P.S: I still think it's kinda sad that I don't have Christmas tree this year...

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