Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

The photo isn't really related to the festival, but the Kit Kat in white chocolate flavour is the winter version of the product and selling in Japan. Cool right? I love how Japanese able to make all these daily stuff into something fancy.

And yay, got another 2 sheets of Rilakkuma stickers from Tokyo Street! The Chocolate & Coffee version again. Looking at all the cute tiny Rilakkuma characters really makes me feel relax and happy. I guess this might be one of the stress relieve method I'm into recently.

How's the festival celebration? So far so good? I haven't have a single tang yuen yet! Am thinking of getting some from pasar malam or something. I would love to try those with fillings, or those coated with sugar and nuts.

I'm missing Xuan Xuan terribly, and I really hope he is doing fine in this festival back at hometown. All my blessings goes to you my baby. I love you.

Happy Winter Solstice Festival everyone.

P.S: 3 days before Christmas, excited?

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