Thursday, December 29, 2011


Seriously, this gonna be the one thing that blows up all the merry feelings of a coming new year. If you don't wish to read all the raging words below and let them ruin your new year, click close please.

I kinda wonder, did I convey my message clear enough in above picture? YES! In case you were wondering, this is what stick on the fridge's door at my house, as vulgar as it is, some stupid asshole still doesn't get it.

Due to reason of money, me and my bro kinda like argued, and each stand one side, I guess that's quite some months ago, and ever since then, we did not talk at all. Yeah, not a word, till today, it's still as it is.

As usual, I bought some groceries and stuff back home. Drinks, snacks, etc... And stuff them into the fridge so I can eat it whenever I want. And yeah, the fucker kinda like took 1 or 2 cans of drinks for himself, without notifying me at all, and I was all raged up when I found out, and stick the notes at the fridge's door. That too, was months ago.

So my bro kinda like stop smuggling food for himself, but complaint bout the notes to my mum instead. Yeah, so? Do I give a fuck? NO! Because you weren't good to me, why should I be so fucking generous to you, right? I'll just do what I do, eat what I bought and without stepping into your territory, why can't you just fucking do the same!?

Then, he throw my cat Coffee away, luckily Coffee was smart enough to find her way home, let the main door open when Coffee wasn't lock up in cage and hoping she could runaway etc etc... Did I confront him with all these? No. I keep quiet. I can still get a hold from all these without raging up, I can still be nice and maintain the fake peace in between.

Until today, I'm starving, and wanna get some chocolates and drinks from the fridge, I found that 4 cans of remaining drinks and almost one pack full of chocolates, all gone. Am I mad? I'm pretty sure I am. How can someone be so shameless? It's not like he asked me about it or something, more over we're not in a good relationship now, so? What's with all these nonsense he did upon me?

But I know, I can only remain silent... And there's nothing I can do. Despite of hatred, what I feel is sorry for such a fucker who didn't realize what he did has caused others damaged physically and mentally and yet still think he's doing the right thing, without any shame.

I won't do anything to him, in fact, I will wait karma does that for me. I know karma is a bad bitch and she will slap you right at your face for me someday. You better watch out.

Fuck you asshole.

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