Friday, December 23, 2011

Rilakkuma Mail

A blogpost through Rilakkuma Mail!

Rilakkuma mail is an application bought through Apple's AppStore. Can add all those cute emoticons of Rilakkuma and stuff while writing the email, isn't fun?

Just when I'm so excited that all the emoticons are able to show in a testing blogpost earlier, I just found out that this application can't attach any images into the email.

I mean like how wasted It is that cute Rilakkuma emoticons can be shown but can't attach any images. As a buyer of an email application, image attaching function is a must right?

I already send a feedback email to imagineer (the team for creating this apps) Hopefully there'll be any improvement not updates for this issue.

Anyway, gotta get some sleep now. Such a cold night.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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