Monday, December 31, 2012

Reiko in Year 2012

(Please make sure you connect to Starbucks or anyplace's wifi)

I'm gonna briefly reminisce what happened in the year 2012... Since today is the last day of the year, I thought I should be write a blog post such as this. It's always good to look back at what we did and been through for the year before we move on to the next one.

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to everyone who play a role in my life this year, be it my family, my friend, my love ones and so - THANK YOU. Thank you to those who supports me all the way, who taught me lessons in life, who helped me gained a lot of knowledge, who be with at the time I needed most. THANK YOU. 

2012 is such an eventful year that I go through it with tears of laughter and tears of sadness as well. It was a hard one mentally and physically at some point, but I'm glad things turn out to be better at some period as well so that I can have a breather to face the challenges. 

I'm gonna show you the timeline of my year 2012 with photos (I kinda messed up the timeline at the end, but oh well, they all belong some time around there. lol.)


Hooked on Taiwanese dessert - Meet Fresh after had my first taste of it!

Had Häagen Dazs in a small tub, in a cinema. Woots!

Tried Liese Bubble Hair Dye, been using it since then.

A gift that I gave my mum, for no reason nor purpose, just because I wanted to.

Did a fashion shoot for Online TV, Nona and newspaper articles in Hideaki Lim's Cyber Cheongsam Collection
Thank you Hideaki!!!

My one and only ang pao this year.
Was quite sad couldn't spend Chinese New Year with my family.

Visited Doraemon World at Genting

Light up the first Kong Ming lantern all by ourselves. lol.

Visited Raub, Pahang back then with my ex bf.

Been trying to make time and visit Xuan more often. 

Outstation fashion show at Penang with all the girls from Amber Chia Academy
One of the funnest outstation I ever had.

Becoming more and more fashion conscious.

Fashion show with BMW and Jendela KL.

MidValley Fashion Week

One of the backstage crew for Triump lingerie show

One of the model for A Cut Above 33 years anniversary show for the fashion week as well.

Let my hair grow...

Went to Malacca, 2 days 1 night trip.

First pair of Levi's jeans in my life.

Decided to cut my fringe in June

Family Trip to Penang

Such a fun 3 days 2 nights trip at Penang.

Went to Batu Feringghi, Tanjung Bungah, Penang Hill etc...

A very contented and lovely birthday dinner.
Thank you once again. 

Had my first conjunctivitis and still work because I can't bear to ffk my friend at work.
In the end, I had to rest for one whole week just for my eyes to cure.
Not to mention consulting doctor, eye dripping and taking medicine. Pretty bad infection I guess.

Became more and more narcissist. Haha.
Beauty-conscious in another word.

Constantly changing style and make-up method.

Rare opportunity to do Kebaya Fashion Show with my principal - Amber Chia.

Got myself into UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS competition as one of the TOP 10 Female Finalists
Met a bunch of fun and crazy fashionistas (miss them so much)
Got myself third prize for this.

Thank you to all those who supported me in voting for me throughout the online voting period and my friends - Kei & Kaede and my ex bf that went to the Grand Final to support me. Thank you!

Got this huge size banner which I don't know what to do with it... lol. 

Went to Port Dickson for a short getaway.
1 year anniversary with my ex bf.

Meet and Greet session with KARA!
Thanks to MTV for this wonderful opportunity

Went to MTV World Stage 2012.
For 2 years consecutively I go to MTV World Stage. Woots!

Visited Zoo Negara.

Met up with primary school friends in Michelle's wedding.
Some of them changed so much I can't even remember who they are.
It was such a fun night to see all of you again, thanks to Michelle - the usual organizer of our gathering. 

And then, let's welcome the crazy month of July, which is almost dreamlike to me because....

Yes! Miyavi came to Malaysia!!!
Thanks to my friend who sneaked us into the private event area, we able to see him in such a close distance!

Thank you A Creations and Amber Chia Academy for the tickets.
The concert was awesome that I couldn't describe how high I was that night!

Took photo with Miyavi and Motokazu-san personally at the after-party.
*still feeling so excited by just looking ath these pics*

Miyavi signed on my chest! *dshajdgafgahdsgagdjkshfjks*

Another excited event happened - Modeled for Japanese Brand Lowrys Farm and EMODA for Pavilion Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary!

Lowrys Farm

Casual feminine from Lowrys Farm.

EMODA Fall Winter collection


Love the knit cap, knit tops, bottoms clear wedges pumps, chunky necklace.
Love everything from EMODA!!!

Best of all - Get to meet Ena Matsumoto!

With all the girls from Amber Chia Academy

Sankyu~ Minna-san!

Meet & Greet Session with Ena Matsumoto
And I won a bag from EMODA in the Q&A session!
Weeee~ First EMODA item in my life!

Am one of the lucky 10 fans too to participate in a tea session with Ena and her team members.
See her so many times in 2 days and yet still find her super gorgeous!

Kampachi - By far the number 1 Japanese restaurant in my heart.
Could never forget the taste of their sashimi sushi at all that no other Japanese restaurant in KL can compare with.
A treat by ex bf when he received his commission. Thank you. 

Got myself into another TOP 10 blogger finalists for Levi's in NÜYOU's magazine.

First manicure + pedicure session with my jimui - Peiyue
Which is a good deal she saw on Groupon.
Got hooked on manipedi session ever since then.

Joined the Android family - Samsung S3, present from ex.

Xuan's first on-stage performance.
I'm a proud mama.

Opening of H&M in Malaysia that pretty much changed my life... and the size of my purse/digit in my bank account. 

James Birthday and everyone's there.
One big family.

Cosmetics review - Thank you Holika Holika.

First taste of champagne in my life.
Thank you Don.

Hennessy Artistry The Pinnacle. My first time as well!
Thank you Don and Manoah for the invitation.

Xuan came down to KL, happy days.

Visited Kellie's Castle with family.

Watched 5 Twilight movies in one night. lol.

Featured in ViVi Magazine!!!
One of the Top 10 Finalists for ViVi Girl Search.

First Rainbow Cake I see and eat. Woots!
Thanks to OnlyBeauty.

First pair of running shoes.

Sad to say but this is the first family group photo we took this year.
Let's do it more often next year ok!

Visited LEGOLAND at Nusajaya, Johor with family.
Such a fun filled day!!!

Went to Lost World of Tambun.
Another fun place to visit.

A sponsored 2 days 1 night stay at Sepang Gold Coast Golden Palm Tree Resort.

Participated in Nuffnang's Fashion Fabulous first event - Fashion Fabulous Makeover at Coffee Société, Publika.

And now here I am, at Christmas Island, Australia with a group of wonderful people counting down to the end of year 2012 and welcoming year 2013 at such a beautiful place.

There's nothing more I would wished for this year and nothing less I hope for things that didn't happen or I didn't go through. I believe that for each and every thing/issue that happened in this year, there's something that the universe want me to learn something from it, be it good nor bad and prepare me to accept bigger challenges and offer me bigger rewards next year.

Once again, thank you for those who help me and support me all along, and for those who read my blog all the time, thank you very much! It's kinda impossible for me to express my feeling of gratitude with just words (but I'm trying) and there's nothing more I could say but a "THANK YOU".

I wish my friends, family members and all of you who are reading a Happy New Year and each and everyone of you a great year ahead with abundance of joy and happiness!