Sunday, January 29, 2012


Went Hippie this Chinese New Year. Sorta like one and only new dress for me this festive season, but I still love it very much! Thanks love. ♥

Color mix dress: F Block
Bangles: F Block this & that

Muffin the kitty as props. Hahaha

Spring is HERE

Bought ViVi February issue few days ago. Totally mesmerized by all the vintage clothing and accessories that was in the magazine. I should totally stop the Popteen thingy already.

Recently, I'm telling myself more often that I must be hardworking like those Japanese model to change/maintain my style and my skincare routine, but gosh it's sure a hard thing to keep up with.

But.... Gambatte ne!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Doraemon World 2012

Went to Genting's Arena of Stars for the Doraemon World 2012 event.

The exhibits were a bit lesser than I thought, but it was truly a fun and wonderful event, as if I were really in the world that Doraemon lives at!

Didn't even know that Doraemon's birthday were September 3rd 2112. It's about 100 years from now.

Thank you very much for bringing me there, it will be such a beautiful memories between you and me. ♥

Friday, January 27, 2012


Had this yummilicious, juicy pork burger as lunch in the afternoon at a oriental interior designed restaurant called J Tean Kitchen 佳田小厨 located at SSTwo Mall.

Purchased the discount coupon from Groupon, decided to have a try of this fusion Bak Kut Teh Burger. Kinda hard to imagine its taste at first, and as usual, didn't really have high hope of fusion food too.

Made reservation, reached the place, not much people due to CNY, and honestly, I love their interior design to bits. Presented our printout coupons, camwhored a lot while waiting for our meal to prepare. It really took quite some time.

Out of my expectation, this pork burger was G O O D! Large in portion, juicy, the wedges were crunchy, so as the bun! Totally worth the price! I can't even finish mine.


Friday, January 20, 2012


Super duper love to edit those camwhoring photos that taken by my iPod. Insane amount of photos and so many duplicates due to original photo and the edited ones.

Doesn't know which one to delete, the original version, or the edited ones. #firstworldproblem

And it really seems there are more and more camera apps and photo editing apps created each day. So many apps, each have different function, often have switch apps to edit the photos. Lol.

I wonder has apple devices' camera taken the place of normal digital camera in most of us. It looks likes it is to me...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


How's 2012 treating you so far? Is it good? Hopefully is a good and happy start for everyone. And even though it's not a good one, eventually everything will turn out to be okay! 

So far, 18 days of 2012 have passed, and i think I've been through quite some events. New Year celebration, hopping from malls to malls just for fun and food, do some useless shopping, fight, arguments, cry, laugh, in happiness, doubts, lost, injured and so... Pretty much an epic start to me. 

Got myself into TV3 shooting and The Star online shoot for Local designer - Hideaki featuring his Cyber Cheongsam Batek. Everything was going well and I'm very glad that I can have this opportunity to involve in this Chinese New Year edition of shooting.

Few days more to CNY, not really looking forward for it. Boohoo. So many uncertainties making me just wanna escape from everything. 

It's already 1/2 year, are you happy? I wish you are. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Medula Oblongata

Out of sudden, this 2 words hit me.

I'm having backache ever since New Year. That morning after cleaning up the house... The pain just didn't go away. I thought that it will, eventually stop aching, like how it used to, but it didn't. Hurts me, till now.

Went to clinic last Saturday. Wanna get an mc for the late submission of my coursework. Didn't know what to say, and don't wanna pretend I got headache or what, so I told the doctor I'm having backache for some days. Doctor suggested do ultrasound and x-ray. In fear, but still agreed to.

Ultrasound was to scan my kidneys. They were okay, I kinda feel 1/2 relief.... Then, here comes the horror: X-Ray. Suddenly, all the radiation shit started to invade my mind, how harmful it is etc.... I just couldn't feel good bout doing x-ray scan. Yikes. After waited for bout 10mins after the scan, doctor yelled my name and I entered the consultation room.

My spine, crooked, hence I feel all the pain that was attacking. Nothing can be done, unless go through major surgery. Only can rely on medication in the meantime. Okay, more or less like what I expect, spine problem, so the truth doesn't hit me hard.

About 4 days after the scan and under medication, still feeling the pain and stiffness, and seems bit more serious, can't climb upstairs at ease now. Suddenly am afraid of not being able to walk soon... Lol... Silly? Don't know... I haven't travel to other countries yet. One of my lil wish.

Que sera sera....