Wednesday, January 18, 2012


How's 2012 treating you so far? Is it good? Hopefully is a good and happy start for everyone. And even though it's not a good one, eventually everything will turn out to be okay! 

So far, 18 days of 2012 have passed, and i think I've been through quite some events. New Year celebration, hopping from malls to malls just for fun and food, do some useless shopping, fight, arguments, cry, laugh, in happiness, doubts, lost, injured and so... Pretty much an epic start to me. 

Got myself into TV3 shooting and The Star online shoot for Local designer - Hideaki featuring his Cyber Cheongsam Batek. Everything was going well and I'm very glad that I can have this opportunity to involve in this Chinese New Year edition of shooting.

Few days more to CNY, not really looking forward for it. Boohoo. So many uncertainties making me just wanna escape from everything. 

It's already 1/2 year, are you happy? I wish you are. 

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