Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Medula Oblongata

Out of sudden, this 2 words hit me.

I'm having backache ever since New Year. That morning after cleaning up the house... The pain just didn't go away. I thought that it will, eventually stop aching, like how it used to, but it didn't. Hurts me, till now.

Went to clinic last Saturday. Wanna get an mc for the late submission of my coursework. Didn't know what to say, and don't wanna pretend I got headache or what, so I told the doctor I'm having backache for some days. Doctor suggested do ultrasound and x-ray. In fear, but still agreed to.

Ultrasound was to scan my kidneys. They were okay, I kinda feel 1/2 relief.... Then, here comes the horror: X-Ray. Suddenly, all the radiation shit started to invade my mind, how harmful it is etc.... I just couldn't feel good bout doing x-ray scan. Yikes. After waited for bout 10mins after the scan, doctor yelled my name and I entered the consultation room.

My spine, crooked, hence I feel all the pain that was attacking. Nothing can be done, unless go through major surgery. Only can rely on medication in the meantime. Okay, more or less like what I expect, spine problem, so the truth doesn't hit me hard.

About 4 days after the scan and under medication, still feeling the pain and stiffness, and seems bit more serious, can't climb upstairs at ease now. Suddenly am afraid of not being able to walk soon... Lol... Silly? Don't know... I haven't travel to other countries yet. One of my lil wish.

Que sera sera....


Carrie Tai said...

Hope you get well soon dear

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks dear.
Hopefully can get better. :)