Friday, February 3, 2012

Magz Craze

Already bought 2 ViVi magazine last week and today he bought Cleo for me... Just because he wants the Coffee Bean Buy 1 Free 1 card. Lol.

Too many magazines, too much information of fashion trends from different country, too little time to read through all in details, too little time to digest, and no money to get all the fashion items to make it a dream come true. Lol.

But seriously, I really don't mind spending a lil bit more $ to get ViVi because I really love its content to bits. Useful make-up tips, zillions of fashion shoots and so many things that make me go wow whenever I flip to another page.

When Cleo is more to celebrity style from Western, I find that Japan's fashion style are more down to earth because they blended the western trend elements into their own, practical, versatile and suits Asian readers more. That's why I really can't get over Japan's fashion trend since like forever. ( even though sometimes o really like the clean, sleek feel of western trend brought up by my friends.)

As I've said, it's really to maintain ones image and style, I'm sure I still have long way to go!

Ganbare!!! (`_´)ゞ

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Never thought I will own any BAPE item until love say he saw my eyes sparkled when I look at this and He insisted to buy this for me at a mini mart. Thank you ♥

It was a catalogue/magazine + bag inside. BAPE Kids 2011 Summer Collection. Don't know much about the brand but the bag really catches my eyes. Somehow it is called Mother Bag according to the catalogue. Lol.

The star looks like those power star in Super Mario, aren't they? Cute! Can't wait to use it! Finally, a white bag. Hopefully it won't get dirty in just a short period. σ(^_^;)