Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ipoh 途中 Now

My first time taking the express train ETS to Ipoh. The ticket costs about RM35 and varies to different time slot.

Gonna en route to Penang 5am later with Xuan Xuan. I hope he likes the blue rabbit plushie that me and le bf bought for him.

Cold aircond they have in the train, and voiceless cartoon showing in train. Lol.

I should rest awhile then....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm really running out of ideas for blogpost title. Since I really went out and had fun under the sun so Sunplay really is a matchy title.

What I wore the next day at Malacca. Want to be casual but don't want to be so casual that looks like 'meh...' so I choose NEON PINK again! lol.

Neon pink spec frame, OMG T-shirt, Pink belt + jeans.
Casual enough.

People been telling me how hot and sunny Malacca is so I decided to invest some money into sunblock.

I forgot how long I've been living a life without sunblock. No wonder I don't get fairer skin even though I stay at home quite often and only goes out at night. lol.

Sunplay Body Mist Sunblock with SPF80PA+++

I really hate, I mean HATE sunblock that gets all greasy after apply. The only one I used that gets non-greasy is the white colour water gel type from Sunplay too I guessed, but the SPF too low I think I'm gonna get sunburn or what.

So decided to give this body mist  sunblock a try.

First impression: Cooling. Body mist ma, of course cooling, but then, I found that actually a lot of it wasted in the air. Then, it's not that non-greasy as it stated. There's a shiny coating on the skin surface that actually gets a bit oily feel if you touch it. Or maybe is it I apply too much?

I keep on spraying it on both my arms and neck while queueing up for lunch at Jonker88 because it's cooling and sunblocking at the same time. I really think that it's gonna run out soon if I bring it out for another 2 or 3 trips. lol. (This weekend, to Penang. Haha!)

Then I got disappointed the next day when I'm back to KL. One of my arms are tanner than the other one. O_O!!! Ahhh~ Sien. Have to apply whitening lotion more often.

Will blog about Malacca if I got the time before I head to Penang, if no, then next week! lol.

And my camwhore pic to end this post hahaha.




Myolie Wu Meet The Fans Session by AdonisWith

at Mahkota Parade, Malacca. (If you missed my previous post.)

I really love my make-up and outfit. Maybe because I love blue and purple and all the bling bling stuff, and I really admire the determination of Koei (my make-up artist) that she uses 3 months time to complete this outfit. From concept to design and then sewing it bits by bits. She said that her fingers were all needle holes because always poked by needles during the sewing part. Poor girl.

But then, this is her complete piece:

Fish Tail gown.
I heart fish tail gown. ^_^

Kinda look like dragon right? 

With other models. All these are the hard works of all the make-up artists that took part in the event.
You guys really did a great job!!!

Then while the show was running, there's this model who fell down from the stairs and hit her face, scratched her inner arm and neck. I'm 4 models after, at that time I never felt so panic before going up on a stage. The incident just adding extra nervous into me.

Luckily the Adonis team manage to get people to hold us while we're going up and down the stage after that, so less frighten as it seem. Hopefully the wounds on the girl will recover soon and leave no scars! *pray*

While I was doing the walk on stage, I saw there's Myolie Wu's fans holding those supporting card board and there's this cat face beside the name that really resembles Myolie Wu... Then later I found out that that's her cat!!!

Really look alike:

Pic courtesy of
Hahahaha cute max!

Last but not least:

Group picture with Myolie Wu

Haha sounds like I'm her fans or something. I'm neutral yo, just didn't hate/dislike her like some other TVB viewers.

I found her quite nice what. lol.

P.S: Thanks to le bf who came all the way to Malacca accompany, and helped me take all these photos. I heart you!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Which means the Princess of Dragon God.

I just simply make this name up because I forgot what's the theme of my looks in the Adonis Make-Up Show that I was in last week. But seriously, it sounded something like the this blogpost's title, but of course, in Chinese. lol.

The make-up show was held at Mahkota Parade, Malacca. Le bf decided to follow to Malacca so that after my show, we'll stay over and tour around the next day. Thank you for such a wonderful trip ♥ (will blog bout that later ahem.)

I have no idea of my outfit nor how my make-up looks like. I just anticipate it and see what it'll looks like later. Shocked me when I found out I have to do body art, but oh well, since Koei (my make-up artist) say will help me remove after the show, so ok lo.

Love the blue hues. The ocean feel.

I really love this lower lash thingy. Pretty like a butterfly!

And now, the HUGE LASHES! Hahahaha.

Body art at my back. Not just there, around waist too!

With the headgear on.
I'm all set for the show!

Thanks Koei for such wonderful make-up.
(At first I saw her, she reminds me of Audrey from lol)

Off to dinner now. 


チョコ Lover

Choco lover desu. Rarely nothing about chocolate that I dislike. Oh, except those super duper bitter dark chocolate. Other than that I just love almost everything about chocolate. 

Decided to stop by 100¥ Shop to grab some juice and snacks and yes, their snowflake ice dessert!

Of course, chocolate flavour desu!!!
Can't forget its fluffiness that melts in my mouth.

Heart Choco and Crayon Shin-Chan's favourite snack - ChocoBi!!!
I love this snack so much!!!

Had one of the mini heart-attack moment in Leisure mall last night but nonetheless got through it smoothly! Yahoo~



My 1st pair of Levi's Jeans ♥
Thanks le bf sponsoring me half for this. Muacks!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pink is my new B L A C K

Wuah! Just got back from Malacca from work and trip and I just had one of the best trip in my life! So fun!

And now both my arms are tanned and some more uneven! One arm tanned darker than another one. I have to put on more and more whitening lotion already!

Sorta got addicted with Pink recently. Can't get enough of it, which by the way it's one of this Summer trending color so why not?

Tight, curve hugging mini skirt is one of the boom list for summer and guess what! I picked this pink one for just RM10! totally a steal!!!

My coordinate on Friday movie night. Lol.

Red Ruby Thai dessert. Yums yums.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


On the way to Mahkota Parade, Malacca now.

Gonna do a make-up show later, by Adonis.
Myolie Wu (胡杏儿) will be there as well!

I wonder what outfit and make-up I'm going to wear.

Drinking Vege + Fruit juice from 100yen Shoppu today. Feels so healthy!!!

Gonna take a BEAUTY nap now! Nite nite.

Friday, May 25, 2012


I want to eat dinnerdinnerdinnerdinner
I am very the hungryhungryhungryhungry

Where is le bfbfbfbfbfbf

I think the world need to invent teleportation portal already!

Streak Ended

I guess even the happiest person in this world need to end his/her streak of being continuously happy for days sometime if not, God will get all jealous and end his/her happiness with His own mighty power is it? (I wonder if God ever get jealous of human being happy nonstop. lol.)

Anyway, just had an argument with le bf, about my friend. There goes my streak of being happy, carefree nonstop for like what, almost one month? LOL.

I'm really headache about this particular thingy, what/how do you guys deal with if your partner doesn't get along well with your friends? I really hate this coming but I guess it's just unavoidable, who told me to have such weird + guai lan friend in the first place?

First, I don't even force him to join my friend gathering, second, they don't really know each other. I feel like I'm just the middle person trapped in between. I have to listen to my partner's comments/feelings about my friend and my friend have to do some sarcastic comments about what my partner did. (Indirectly tho, but still.)

To be honest, I tried defend my friend. I know it's a bad move, but it's just because I feel that my partner doesn't seems to see the 'good side' of my friend, or what my friend says was just some lame joke he think that he did pulled off. I've known my friend for years, he's been here for me even those worse days of my life, and to be honest, I am proud to have a friend which stoodby me no matter what happened (Even though sometimes he'll scold me for making stupid decisions, or get angry at me, but lol, we're cool after that).

I really feel sad when my partner and friend doesn't get along well, it's like I have to take care the feelings of them both at the same time, and how can I do so when I'm just one person? So I try to avoid them being in the same place same time. But then, the power of social networking is devastating enough it can really bring unhappiness to people. Comments did were hurting feelings and I really don't know how to react when I knew deeply that it wasn't sound that way.

I think I did a lousy job in being somebody's gf because when my partner got hurt, all I did was just trying to do explanation of how my friend really is instead of just keep quiet and comfort le bf. Maybe that I can't stand misunderstandings of them to each other, just like when my friend make statements about my partner I will stand up for him too, but I guess le bf doesn't know this. All I really want was just a happy relationship in all of us, with no misunderstandings, no hard feelings.

But I should've seen better, that that day is not coming. There's no way that both of them can get along well, the prejudices were already there, in both of them. The only think I can do is really block all connections in between them to prevent more arguments and misunderstandings.

Gah, why happy relationships are hard to maintain? If people just keep it cool and accept things as the way it is I think things will be very different. At least I don't have to cry just now.

Nah... I need to keep it cool now. Don't ruin my zen mood please.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Agent J & Agent K

Am gonna watch Men in Black now.
Will Smith is one of my favourite actor in Hollywood.

Let's hope this movie is a good one after being disappointed by What to Expect When You're Expecting and Bad Girls (I slept during this show).

La la la la~ Movie night. Happy!

Pon Pon Way Way Way Too Far From 18

Okay... Wore knee high socks for 2 consecutive days. Look back at the photos, I think I'm way too old to dress like a high school girl hahaha. Not that I wanna pretend tho. lol.

Going out right at the afternoon, hot day it is.
Decided to go light on tops, then add a scarf if the weather gets chilly.
Uniqlo One Piece UT + Skirt with a pants inside

Hair & Make-up of the day.

Had plenty of time to do my hair & make-up before le bf arrives, so decided to put on fake eyelash and braid my fringe. I really have no idea how to do those complicated braiding, so this shall be it. closeenough.jpg.

Maybe I got deep influenced by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, don't know what struck me I put on such exaggerating fake eyelash for my day make-up. lol. I must be gone crazy. But anyway, I'm happy with it. Haha.

Camwhore time!

At night, le bf bring me to eat Hailam Mee. To be honest, this is the first time I've ever heard of Hailam mee, never hear before after living in Malaysia as Chinese some more for the past two decades. LOL. I really have a lot to learn neh.

Tadaaaa! Hailam Mee!

Looks like Loh Mee, uses the same type of mee maybe, but more eggs, and seafood. Then the taste of its gravy - spicy-ish sour! I like it so much!!! Very unique taste, but taste delicious. The shop is famous for its Hailam Mee, at Taman Pertama, Cheras. Just oppossite Tai Thong Seafood Restaurant. 

Kinda drooling right now after recall the taste of this. =L

Today is desserts day!
Forever21 Knit + Cotton On Stripe One Piece

Look of the day.
Eyebrow, eyeliner, blusher and lipgloss.
Super love this neon pink spec frame, and my electric blue x lime green nails.

Went to Jusco Mahkota Cheras, to redeem the wagashi coupon deal that le bf bought online. Aren't really aware of this Taiwan wagashi dessert in town, so decided to have a try when le bf saw its promotion online. (Wagashi 和菓子 means Japanese confectionary, but this shop says it's from Taiwan called 果子烧. So I am confused.)

How they make wagashi. Reminds me of kaya balls and China burger. 

My Double Cream Wagashi

Tastes just like kaya balls, except it's bigger, and the difference of the outer crust. Can choose the fillings too. Mine is double cream, tasted abit bland, but the belgium chocolate is nice. Lucky bf he chose the belgium chocolate flavour.

The coupon deal comes with a cup of LARGE bubble tea too. 

om nom nom

Been trying to adjust my sleep routine, so far so good. Beauty sleep starts around 11pm till the next day 8 - 9am+. Feels so much better than before, and additional happiness in life with loved ones around, happy music and food!

I am living such a happy life now, and I vow to make happiness to those whom around me, whom I love and cherish. I love you all!!!


SEE! I am so happy! Yay!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Waiting for my primary school friend at cafe

And I'm about to receive a red bomb... Oops, a wedding invitation card. (Chinese used to refer wedding invitation card as red bomb. Lol.)

Seems like friends around started to get married and form a family... Is this a trend or something?

I did braids one side of my hair. Clip it on so that my hair doesn't drop and cover my face.


Cherry Bon Bon

Do you guys know that there's this big hit Harajuku girl called Kyary-Pamyu Pamyu きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ?

In case you don't know who she is, this is how she looks like. (Please imagine yourself of her without her nose bleeding. lol.)

Or you can google about her, then you will see her in many different style and costumes. Bizarre until I don't know how to describe, but I found her amazingly interesting. Found 3 of her songs - Ponponpon, Cherry BonBon and Candy Candy. Love them to bits! The happy feelings while listening to her song is one of the reason I like her, those good happy vibes that I need in life. Hehe.

She just release her album today called Pamyu-Pamyu Revolution ぱみゅぱみゅレボリューションand it's already getting no.1 in iTunes chart. Amazing or what! I'm already repeating her songs non-stop since yesterday, and now while I'm writing this blogpost. I think I'm gonna do this until I get sick of it. lol.


Been neglecting my hair for quite some time because I don't find any reasons I have to to take care of them nicely. I haven't cut my hair since last year month of May!!! Wuahaha I've save quite a lot of hair cutting money didn't I?

Then recently I gain back the passion in make-up and beauty care, and while blow drying my hair, or trying out new outfits and camwhoring, my hair really look like shit. Some more the colour I dyed has worn off quite a lot, now I have a don't know what hair style and a black - brown hair colour. Gah.

June is coming, I want new colour for my hair. I will dye my hair with none other than Liese Bubble Hair Colour! They're really good. Dyed my hair twice before using Liese Bubble Hair Colour, and I love them to bits. The colours are showing like how it is on the box (in my case) and I believe that it's less damaging to the hair compare to other brands of hair dye available in the market.

Some stuff bought recently:

  • Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Sweet Pink: Pinkish brown to be exact. Hehehe. Can't wait to do it 2 weeks later. Bought this because of its promotion - RM29.90 at Jusco. *o*

  • Lucido-L Smooth Straight Hair Jelly: Been quite some time since I last bought hair gel/jelly/serum for moisturizing my hair. It's time to start I perhaps. ^_^

  • Nivea Visage Sparkling White with pore minimizing feature: Do you believe I've been stopped using moisturizer for about.... 6 months!? Trying this now, and it's not oily at all after apply. Will continue to use it and see whether my pores become smaller or how.

  • Eyebrow razor: My eyebrows now are so bushy hahaahahahaha.


I'm thinking: to cut or not to cut my fringe. Heavy bangs eh?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot x Cold

I'm extremely afraid of cold because of my body type is the cold type, but the weather in KL is so hot I can sweat like mad even just finish bathed and applying make-up in room with fan on. Not to mention the scorching sun outdoor is going to burn a hole on my skin.

But then, when I'm in shops or shopping malls, I can't withstand their coldness. I felt so cold that all my goosebumps showed and I will start shivering, then will start to rub my arms and wrap my hands around me. I just can't stand the airconds.

Then, I find that actually knit wear is kinda cooling and warm at the same time. Not those full knit, but those loose ones. Bought one some time ago at Forever21 and I'm loving it to bits. Comfy and warm if the place is cold.

Tank top inside + Loose Knits + Skinny Jeans.
Not too hot not too cold, just good.

So lazy to put on make-up at that moment
decided to pull off with just a pair of sunglasses.
But then....

Put on bit by bit make-up in the end and end up looked like this.
Used around 5 minutes to achieve. Very easy.

 Some tips to look bright and energetic:

  • Eyebrow drawing is a must!!! Whether you draw your eyebrows or not is very crucial of you looking energetic or not.
  • Pencil eyeliner, prefer in brown if you wanna look natural. I used my brown eyeshadow as eyeliner instead of pencil eyeliner because I don't have a brown one. 
  • Blusher. Put tons of them under my dark eye circles, and poof, my dark eye circles aren't that visible anymore.
  • Last but not least, lipgloss! 

Can't get enough of camwhoring.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Into Korean craze lately. I mean crazily watching their drama in the past 2 weeks. So far finished 1 set of drama, which is Flower Boys Ramyeon Shop and now watching The Greatest Love.  

Oh my the Flower Boys Ramyeon Shop is so outta sense I can't help but laugh throughout the drama. Partially, the funny part is due to the shitty subtitle that I think those people used Google translate to do the job for them. When the actor tell the actress: I wanna hug you (in Korean), the subtitle says: I xiangbao you. Hahahahahaha my gosh. 

I pity le bf who doesn't know how to read Chinese, have to endure the shitty English subtitle and all. And to one point, I'm the one that reads out the Chinese subtitle to le bf because the English subtitle simply doesn't make any sense! Some more, I have to add all the tones and expressions for further understanding so basically, I'm very exhausted after finish one episode of the drama. Luckily The Greatest Love have all the awesome subtitle I don't have to repeat what those actors say. lol.

Did some stuff moving lately, am glad that I'm finally settled down nowadays, at least having a place call my house, with my clothes hanging in the wardrobe and my make-ups on the make-up table. Went to KL Festival City Mall to buy a full body mirror and stuff. Achieving all the little dreams of mine is making me feeling the happiness in life.

And happy mood leads me to do some make-up before go out. Seldom put on make-up nowadays, but I will try to be more 'hardworking' from now on. lol.

Very, very casual look of the day: Long T- Shirt + Skinny Jeans and flats, that's all.
Thanks MummyJoyce for the top.

Make-up of the day:
Light brown eyeshadow + eyeliner
Pin Up Reddish Pink lipgloss from Rimmel that bought at Watsons yesterday!
Pinned one side of my hair because I don't know what to do with my hair, honestly. lol.

As mentioned earlier, went to KL Festival City Mall's Kaison to pick up the full body mirror and some stuff. With low budget, that's the only place I can think of with cheap full body mirror. 

Decided to head for lunch before Kaison, and yes, the Korean craze made us chose Bee Won as our lunch choice. And I pretty much think that this is the ONE and ONLY Korean restaurant throughout Wangsa Maju/Setapak area (Correct me if I'm wrong). Decided to gave it a try.

As usual:

My favourite chi ge: Sun Dubu Chige! Yums!
and it's only RM13, tax included!

Camwhored a bit with le bf while waiting for our orders to come. They have a nice view which you can see the lake behind the mall.

There's one male one female, both of them Korean sitting at the table beside us. They finished before us so they're chatting. To be honest, I'm listening to what they say and see whether I can understand the meaning, but nope, am not that good in Korean language yet.

Then while I was eating and them chatting, suddenly they stopped a while. Then this uncle which sit at the same row with me (because we're sitting on a long sofa, and there's a gap between me and him due to 4 person table they're sitting.) suddenly lift his butt up, and farted, with sound.

And that very moment, I was like pokerface.jpg for 2 seconds but in my heart I'm yelling like WADDAFUQ MAN!!!!!!!

I quickly turned around and talk to le bf to distract my attention, but inside I'm thinking of what can I say if I were to confront him. The only thing I can think about is yelling at him: YA~ AJUSSI!!! (Ya here means WEI! or OI!, not yes or yeah.) Then.... what?

LOL. If my Korean language was good enough to be able to conversate with them I think I will really stare at the ajussi (uncle) and tell him it's impolite farting with sound inside a restaurant, made me wanna puke. Wanna fart also hold it first ma, why fart like you're at your own house? 

And I wonder if I repay him with a fart, will I get scolded? lol.