Sunday, May 20, 2012


Into Korean craze lately. I mean crazily watching their drama in the past 2 weeks. So far finished 1 set of drama, which is Flower Boys Ramyeon Shop and now watching The Greatest Love.  

Oh my the Flower Boys Ramyeon Shop is so outta sense I can't help but laugh throughout the drama. Partially, the funny part is due to the shitty subtitle that I think those people used Google translate to do the job for them. When the actor tell the actress: I wanna hug you (in Korean), the subtitle says: I xiangbao you. Hahahahahaha my gosh. 

I pity le bf who doesn't know how to read Chinese, have to endure the shitty English subtitle and all. And to one point, I'm the one that reads out the Chinese subtitle to le bf because the English subtitle simply doesn't make any sense! Some more, I have to add all the tones and expressions for further understanding so basically, I'm very exhausted after finish one episode of the drama. Luckily The Greatest Love have all the awesome subtitle I don't have to repeat what those actors say. lol.

Did some stuff moving lately, am glad that I'm finally settled down nowadays, at least having a place call my house, with my clothes hanging in the wardrobe and my make-ups on the make-up table. Went to KL Festival City Mall to buy a full body mirror and stuff. Achieving all the little dreams of mine is making me feeling the happiness in life.

And happy mood leads me to do some make-up before go out. Seldom put on make-up nowadays, but I will try to be more 'hardworking' from now on. lol.

Very, very casual look of the day: Long T- Shirt + Skinny Jeans and flats, that's all.
Thanks MummyJoyce for the top.

Make-up of the day:
Light brown eyeshadow + eyeliner
Pin Up Reddish Pink lipgloss from Rimmel that bought at Watsons yesterday!
Pinned one side of my hair because I don't know what to do with my hair, honestly. lol.

As mentioned earlier, went to KL Festival City Mall's Kaison to pick up the full body mirror and some stuff. With low budget, that's the only place I can think of with cheap full body mirror. 

Decided to head for lunch before Kaison, and yes, the Korean craze made us chose Bee Won as our lunch choice. And I pretty much think that this is the ONE and ONLY Korean restaurant throughout Wangsa Maju/Setapak area (Correct me if I'm wrong). Decided to gave it a try.

As usual:

My favourite chi ge: Sun Dubu Chige! Yums!
and it's only RM13, tax included!

Camwhored a bit with le bf while waiting for our orders to come. They have a nice view which you can see the lake behind the mall.

There's one male one female, both of them Korean sitting at the table beside us. They finished before us so they're chatting. To be honest, I'm listening to what they say and see whether I can understand the meaning, but nope, am not that good in Korean language yet.

Then while I was eating and them chatting, suddenly they stopped a while. Then this uncle which sit at the same row with me (because we're sitting on a long sofa, and there's a gap between me and him due to 4 person table they're sitting.) suddenly lift his butt up, and farted, with sound.

And that very moment, I was like pokerface.jpg for 2 seconds but in my heart I'm yelling like WADDAFUQ MAN!!!!!!!

I quickly turned around and talk to le bf to distract my attention, but inside I'm thinking of what can I say if I were to confront him. The only thing I can think about is yelling at him: YA~ AJUSSI!!! (Ya here means WEI! or OI!, not yes or yeah.) Then.... what?

LOL. If my Korean language was good enough to be able to conversate with them I think I will really stare at the ajussi (uncle) and tell him it's impolite farting with sound inside a restaurant, made me wanna puke. Wanna fart also hold it first ma, why fart like you're at your own house? 

And I wonder if I repay him with a fart, will I get scolded? lol.

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