Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Which means the Princess of Dragon God.

I just simply make this name up because I forgot what's the theme of my looks in the Adonis Make-Up Show that I was in last week. But seriously, it sounded something like the this blogpost's title, but of course, in Chinese. lol.

The make-up show was held at Mahkota Parade, Malacca. Le bf decided to follow to Malacca so that after my show, we'll stay over and tour around the next day. Thank you for such a wonderful trip ♥ (will blog bout that later ahem.)

I have no idea of my outfit nor how my make-up looks like. I just anticipate it and see what it'll looks like later. Shocked me when I found out I have to do body art, but oh well, since Koei (my make-up artist) say will help me remove after the show, so ok lo.

Love the blue hues. The ocean feel.

I really love this lower lash thingy. Pretty like a butterfly!

And now, the HUGE LASHES! Hahahaha.

Body art at my back. Not just there, around waist too!

With the headgear on.
I'm all set for the show!

Thanks Koei for such wonderful make-up.
(At first I saw her, she reminds me of Audrey from fourfeetnine.com lol)

Off to dinner now. 


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