Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot x Cold

I'm extremely afraid of cold because of my body type is the cold type, but the weather in KL is so hot I can sweat like mad even just finish bathed and applying make-up in room with fan on. Not to mention the scorching sun outdoor is going to burn a hole on my skin.

But then, when I'm in shops or shopping malls, I can't withstand their coldness. I felt so cold that all my goosebumps showed and I will start shivering, then will start to rub my arms and wrap my hands around me. I just can't stand the airconds.

Then, I find that actually knit wear is kinda cooling and warm at the same time. Not those full knit, but those loose ones. Bought one some time ago at Forever21 and I'm loving it to bits. Comfy and warm if the place is cold.

Tank top inside + Loose Knits + Skinny Jeans.
Not too hot not too cold, just good.

So lazy to put on make-up at that moment
decided to pull off with just a pair of sunglasses.
But then....

Put on bit by bit make-up in the end and end up looked like this.
Used around 5 minutes to achieve. Very easy.

 Some tips to look bright and energetic:

  • Eyebrow drawing is a must!!! Whether you draw your eyebrows or not is very crucial of you looking energetic or not.
  • Pencil eyeliner, prefer in brown if you wanna look natural. I used my brown eyeshadow as eyeliner instead of pencil eyeliner because I don't have a brown one. 
  • Blusher. Put tons of them under my dark eye circles, and poof, my dark eye circles aren't that visible anymore.
  • Last but not least, lipgloss! 

Can't get enough of camwhoring.

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