Tuesday, May 29, 2012

チョコ Lover

Choco lover desu. Rarely nothing about chocolate that I dislike. Oh, except those super duper bitter dark chocolate. Other than that I just love almost everything about chocolate. 

Decided to stop by 100¥ Shop to grab some juice and snacks and yes, their snowflake ice dessert!

Of course, chocolate flavour desu!!!
Can't forget its fluffiness that melts in my mouth.

Heart Choco and Crayon Shin-Chan's favourite snack - ChocoBi!!!
I love this snack so much!!!

Had one of the mini heart-attack moment in Leisure mall last night but nonetheless got through it smoothly! Yahoo~



My 1st pair of Levi's Jeans ♥
Thanks le bf sponsoring me half for this. Muacks!!

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