Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Myolie Wu Meet The Fans Session by AdonisWith

at Mahkota Parade, Malacca. (If you missed my previous post.)

I really love my make-up and outfit. Maybe because I love blue and purple and all the bling bling stuff, and I really admire the determination of Koei (my make-up artist) that she uses 3 months time to complete this outfit. From concept to design and then sewing it bits by bits. She said that her fingers were all needle holes because always poked by needles during the sewing part. Poor girl.

But then, this is her complete piece:

Fish Tail gown.
I heart fish tail gown. ^_^

Kinda look like dragon right? 

With other models. All these are the hard works of all the make-up artists that took part in the event.
You guys really did a great job!!!

Then while the show was running, there's this model who fell down from the stairs and hit her face, scratched her inner arm and neck. I'm 4 models after, at that time I never felt so panic before going up on a stage. The incident just adding extra nervous into me.

Luckily the Adonis team manage to get people to hold us while we're going up and down the stage after that, so less frighten as it seem. Hopefully the wounds on the girl will recover soon and leave no scars! *pray*

While I was doing the walk on stage, I saw there's Myolie Wu's fans holding those supporting card board and there's this cat face beside the name that really resembles Myolie Wu... Then later I found out that that's her cat!!!

Really look alike:

Pic courtesy of
Hahahaha cute max!

Last but not least:

Group picture with Myolie Wu

Haha sounds like I'm her fans or something. I'm neutral yo, just didn't hate/dislike her like some other TVB viewers.

I found her quite nice what. lol.

P.S: Thanks to le bf who came all the way to Malacca accompany, and helped me take all these photos. I heart you!!!!

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