Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pon Pon Way Way Way Too Far From 18

Okay... Wore knee high socks for 2 consecutive days. Look back at the photos, I think I'm way too old to dress like a high school girl hahaha. Not that I wanna pretend tho. lol.

Going out right at the afternoon, hot day it is.
Decided to go light on tops, then add a scarf if the weather gets chilly.
Uniqlo One Piece UT + Skirt with a pants inside

Hair & Make-up of the day.

Had plenty of time to do my hair & make-up before le bf arrives, so decided to put on fake eyelash and braid my fringe. I really have no idea how to do those complicated braiding, so this shall be it. closeenough.jpg.

Maybe I got deep influenced by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, don't know what struck me I put on such exaggerating fake eyelash for my day make-up. lol. I must be gone crazy. But anyway, I'm happy with it. Haha.

Camwhore time!

At night, le bf bring me to eat Hailam Mee. To be honest, this is the first time I've ever heard of Hailam mee, never hear before after living in Malaysia as Chinese some more for the past two decades. LOL. I really have a lot to learn neh.

Tadaaaa! Hailam Mee!

Looks like Loh Mee, uses the same type of mee maybe, but more eggs, and seafood. Then the taste of its gravy - spicy-ish sour! I like it so much!!! Very unique taste, but taste delicious. The shop is famous for its Hailam Mee, at Taman Pertama, Cheras. Just oppossite Tai Thong Seafood Restaurant. 

Kinda drooling right now after recall the taste of this. =L

Today is desserts day!
Forever21 Knit + Cotton On Stripe One Piece

Look of the day.
Eyebrow, eyeliner, blusher and lipgloss.
Super love this neon pink spec frame, and my electric blue x lime green nails.

Went to Jusco Mahkota Cheras, to redeem the wagashi coupon deal that le bf bought online. Aren't really aware of this Taiwan wagashi dessert in town, so decided to have a try when le bf saw its promotion online. (Wagashi 和菓子 means Japanese confectionary, but this shop says it's from Taiwan called 果子烧. So I am confused.)

How they make wagashi. Reminds me of kaya balls and China burger. 

My Double Cream Wagashi

Tastes just like kaya balls, except it's bigger, and the difference of the outer crust. Can choose the fillings too. Mine is double cream, tasted abit bland, but the belgium chocolate is nice. Lucky bf he chose the belgium chocolate flavour.

The coupon deal comes with a cup of LARGE bubble tea too. 

om nom nom

Been trying to adjust my sleep routine, so far so good. Beauty sleep starts around 11pm till the next day 8 - 9am+. Feels so much better than before, and additional happiness in life with loved ones around, happy music and food!

I am living such a happy life now, and I vow to make happiness to those whom around me, whom I love and cherish. I love you all!!!


SEE! I am so happy! Yay!

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