Friday, May 25, 2012

Streak Ended

I guess even the happiest person in this world need to end his/her streak of being continuously happy for days sometime if not, God will get all jealous and end his/her happiness with His own mighty power is it? (I wonder if God ever get jealous of human being happy nonstop. lol.)

Anyway, just had an argument with le bf, about my friend. There goes my streak of being happy, carefree nonstop for like what, almost one month? LOL.

I'm really headache about this particular thingy, what/how do you guys deal with if your partner doesn't get along well with your friends? I really hate this coming but I guess it's just unavoidable, who told me to have such weird + guai lan friend in the first place?

First, I don't even force him to join my friend gathering, second, they don't really know each other. I feel like I'm just the middle person trapped in between. I have to listen to my partner's comments/feelings about my friend and my friend have to do some sarcastic comments about what my partner did. (Indirectly tho, but still.)

To be honest, I tried defend my friend. I know it's a bad move, but it's just because I feel that my partner doesn't seems to see the 'good side' of my friend, or what my friend says was just some lame joke he think that he did pulled off. I've known my friend for years, he's been here for me even those worse days of my life, and to be honest, I am proud to have a friend which stoodby me no matter what happened (Even though sometimes he'll scold me for making stupid decisions, or get angry at me, but lol, we're cool after that).

I really feel sad when my partner and friend doesn't get along well, it's like I have to take care the feelings of them both at the same time, and how can I do so when I'm just one person? So I try to avoid them being in the same place same time. But then, the power of social networking is devastating enough it can really bring unhappiness to people. Comments did were hurting feelings and I really don't know how to react when I knew deeply that it wasn't sound that way.

I think I did a lousy job in being somebody's gf because when my partner got hurt, all I did was just trying to do explanation of how my friend really is instead of just keep quiet and comfort le bf. Maybe that I can't stand misunderstandings of them to each other, just like when my friend make statements about my partner I will stand up for him too, but I guess le bf doesn't know this. All I really want was just a happy relationship in all of us, with no misunderstandings, no hard feelings.

But I should've seen better, that that day is not coming. There's no way that both of them can get along well, the prejudices were already there, in both of them. The only think I can do is really block all connections in between them to prevent more arguments and misunderstandings.

Gah, why happy relationships are hard to maintain? If people just keep it cool and accept things as the way it is I think things will be very different. At least I don't have to cry just now.

Nah... I need to keep it cool now. Don't ruin my zen mood please.


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