Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm really running out of ideas for blogpost title. Since I really went out and had fun under the sun so Sunplay really is a matchy title.

What I wore the next day at Malacca. Want to be casual but don't want to be so casual that looks like 'meh...' so I choose NEON PINK again! lol.

Neon pink spec frame, OMG T-shirt, Pink belt + jeans.
Casual enough.

People been telling me how hot and sunny Malacca is so I decided to invest some money into sunblock.

I forgot how long I've been living a life without sunblock. No wonder I don't get fairer skin even though I stay at home quite often and only goes out at night. lol.

Sunplay Body Mist Sunblock with SPF80PA+++

I really hate, I mean HATE sunblock that gets all greasy after apply. The only one I used that gets non-greasy is the white colour water gel type from Sunplay too I guessed, but the SPF too low I think I'm gonna get sunburn or what.

So decided to give this body mist  sunblock a try.

First impression: Cooling. Body mist ma, of course cooling, but then, I found that actually a lot of it wasted in the air. Then, it's not that non-greasy as it stated. There's a shiny coating on the skin surface that actually gets a bit oily feel if you touch it. Or maybe is it I apply too much?

I keep on spraying it on both my arms and neck while queueing up for lunch at Jonker88 because it's cooling and sunblocking at the same time. I really think that it's gonna run out soon if I bring it out for another 2 or 3 trips. lol. (This weekend, to Penang. Haha!)

Then I got disappointed the next day when I'm back to KL. One of my arms are tanner than the other one. O_O!!! Ahhh~ Sien. Have to apply whitening lotion more often.

Will blog about Malacca if I got the time before I head to Penang, if no, then next week! lol.

And my camwhore pic to end this post hahaha.

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