Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthday Week Fashion

Some shots I took after make-up & dressing up this week. All tops are T-Shirt! From Uniqlo some more. I'm so going to participate in the Uniqlooks already lololol.

One Piece UT x Tight Mini Skirt

Sweater, sling bag and sneakers on!
Movie night it is. :D

Then.... Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng~ Birthday look! (T-shirt as well lololol.)

Coca-Cola UT from UT Grand Prix. I love this so much!
Matchy with Uniqlo's Easy Legging Pants. 

Neko ring I got as *another* pressie from le bf.
Thank you~ ♥

My birthday look!
(Was rushing to Times Square as we're running out of time because of Karaoke session so looks a bit cacat,
unable to take more shots tho.
Still, feels so thankful le bf help me took this photo.)

Light make-up with a bit of cat-eyes eyeliner.

I really can't be apart with my sweater. I will cold to death I guess. Damn weak body I have! lol.

Yeah~ T-Shirt & Sweater again.
This time paired with Choo Choo Cat bag and the Hot Pink Dr. Martens boots.
Both my birthday pressies from no other than le bf. ♥

A *REAL* full body mirror from Ikea - G E T!

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