Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Wuah! Today is such a happy day because I received a good news~!

Jeng Jeng~ 

I'm one of the Top 10 female finalists for Uniqlo's Uniqlooks Malaysia! So happy to be chosen as one of the finalists and I'm so thankful for everyone who voted for my looks throughout the voting period! Thank you very much ありがとうございました!

There'll be a Grand Finale event on 6th of July at KLPAC. Stay tuned for more info of the event! (Super excited!!!) Don't know what will be assigned for finalists to do to determine the winner.

It's almost coming to an end for the month of June, my favourite month of a year. Here's some past week "look of the day" I haven't blog about:

Necklace: F Block
Orangey lipgloss: In2it

I like the lipgloss design as it has a brush as tip and it locks firnly when you capped it, so no more spilling lipgloss for tube design! Sheer orangey colour because I only conceal my lip colour but didn't put on any lipstick.

Swallows necklace from F Block boutique. Super love it!

To Bluunis event.

Watched Madagascar 3 for the 2nd time because GSC gives free movie ticket for members to redeem within their birthday month. Graphics in 3D version is better but still, dialogues are so funny I still laugh like siao even though I already knew what they going to say.

Sporty x Sweet

Pleated floral skirt bought at Brands Outlet during my visit to Paradigm Mall.

Eyes still feeling so dry even though redness has reduced. I have to blink so often and even some time, half close my eyes so that they don't dry out totally. Blurry vision still. Need rest more I guess before it fully recovers.

LOL. I still can't believe I worked even though my eyes infected in such serious way I looked like a vampire. Holding client's products walk on stage with video camera focused on my face, I wonder does audiences that night shocked and wondered what happened to me. lol.

Peachy chiffon dress for work. Elegant max.

Still a bit unbelievable to be one of the top 10 finalists for Uniqlo's contest. Thank you very much once again for those who voted for me! Couldn't make it without your support!

Busy week next week. I love this feeling, do you? ^_^

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