Friday, June 22, 2012

A Bluutiful Experience with Bluunis

Was invited to witness Bluunis launch their latest campaign " We Make Bluutiful Women" at New Wing, One Utama. 

I'm sure that women of Malaysia are familiar with this name - Bluunis. Their significant eyebrow embroidery service called "Brownaissance" is one of the best in beauty industry. Established since year 1997 by Mr. James Tan, he believes that every woman can be beautiful & young, hence, their vision and brand slogan "Beautiful is young".

Their skillful impressionists at the event area were all dressed up as cabin crew, and there you see, a mock-up white fuselage with bluunis slogan as the backdrop. 

Calming blue everywhere, and jazz band too. Such a pleasurable afternoon.

Host of the day: Megan Tan

Megan got her unruly eyebrows plucked and gently embroidery at the event area, and she is looking real good in them. You know how people say: a pair of good looking eyebrows can make you look totally different? I guess this is so true.

Later on, she invited celebrity model - Carla Soong up on stage and share her secrets of looking grogeous despite she is a mother of a 20-months old baby.

Megan and Carla.

When asked by Megan, how does she able to strut down the runway looking so gorgeous and full of confidence in her, Carla said that: Before I start my first step, I take a deep breathe and tell myself that I'm a woman who worth a million bucks.

Yes, woman who look up to themselves and knowing their own worth is gonna help in building confidence and inner beauty in them. That's how Carla manage to look so gorgeous all the time.

Right after Carla's sharing on her secret, here's some experience sharing by Bluunis clients:

Jessie Koo, Chong Sui Pei and Alice Sim.

Besides their eyebrow embroidery services, Bluunis have other beauty services like face and skin care treatment, Histanage facials, Oxyrapy face treatment and body treatment. Clients that shared their Bluunis experience all look so young and beautiful despite their age are around 30s - 50s.

Group photo of clients with Mr. James Tan and Carla Soong.

The whole event ends with lucky draw session. 3 lucky woman walked away with Bluunis beauty product worth over RM2k! Wah! I wished I was one of them too. Too bad I don't have my own name card. lol.

Thank you Bluunis for having me in this bluutiful journey of yours.

Here, you can watch their latest tv commercial:

Wish you a bluutiful weekend!

P.S: To know more about Bluunis, their services and products, click HERE.

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