Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chapter 25

The Chapter 25 of my life involves a secret - The Victoria's Secret. lololol. So lame the opening. But yeah~! Had so many good food on that day I feel so contented! Thanks le bf for all the plannings, I heart you.

First and foremost, Fusion Japanese food at Takahashi Cafe. Bought this set meal from groupon because it has my favourite teppan torikaraage! 

Fruit punch, miso and kimchi soup, banana cheese mayo pizza (lol!)
and my favourite dish at Takahashi cafe - Teppan Torikaraage!!!
How did they manage to fried those chickens pieces until so crunchy and delicious?

It seems that we just non-stop eating and drinking for that day. From Cafe Takahashi to Tokyo Street to Juice Works to Red Box then GSC MAXX at Times Square. Drink lotsa coke that day. =X

Cat ring as 5th birthday pressie from le bf
Picked from Tokyo Street
Sankyu~~~ ♥

So many programmes for that day and had to cancel one - Chilis' Chocolate Molten Lava cake. Had to give this up because there isn't any Chilis outlet near Bukit Bintang. Nearest is KLCC I think, but I'm too lazy to walk there with my high heels. So next time then.

Then after the awesome movie - Madagascar  3 in 3D, le bf bring me to the restaurant that I always passby but never go in before - Victoria Station.

When I was very, very little, my mum and dad used to point at the train settings of the restaurant then me and my bro got so excited and amazed by it whenever our car drove by. I've been always wondering how inside will look like. Even asked silly questions like "Does the train really works?". Haha~ Kids.

Then here I am, as an adult, with the much anticipated feeling, went to Victoria Station for the first time in my life.

Yeah~ Guess nobody really knows Victoria's secret. lol.

Seated at a table of four that was originally reserved by others, I think the reservation cancelled or something. Then, start to browse the menu. Didn't know which and what to choose... I'm quite bad in making decisions because of wanting to try a lot of stuff.

Then there comes the drink part. The captain/manager who is taking our order didn't hint us that there's beverages menu on the table but told us we can order any drinks as they have anything. LOL! 

Then when I was eyeing what others order, I saw watermelon and orange fruit juices, and at that very moment, the captain/manager ask us whether wanna try their blahblahbla@#$%^&*(he spoke too softly I can't hear what he say) GRAPE JUICE?

HAHAHA! I was like: Fresh grape JUICE!? That's good!!! I want fresh juices. I guess won't be too pricey? (As we didn't refer to the menu so we have no idea of the price at all.)

Then..... Jeng Jeng Jeng~ This is what the waiter bring over to our table:

Patritti - Australia Dark Grape Sparkling Juice
House specialty

Lesson learned this day: Never EVER confirmed an order suggested by the captain/manager if you can't hear clearly what they has to offer. Usually will be one of those high price stuff. lol.

But nonetheless, the sparkling juice taste GOOD~! (Of course la RM60 wei!!!)

Then go on to the appetizers.

Normally I'll order soup for appetizers, but after reading the appetizers menu, I don't know which to choose! Le bf being the generous man that day (ok la, not only that day, everyday! haha) chose all 3 appetizers.

Caviar, Cream of Mushroom and Baked Escargots.

My oh my~ Those succulent escargots were to die for! Never had one in such creamy, aromatic garlic and butter sauce. *drools*

Cream of mushroom is creamy but a bit lack of mushroom chunks if I were to say. And then, caviar~

My first time eating caviar.
Have to purposely snap a photo of this memorable event hahaha.

Seeing the caviar and besides there's egg york with onions and lemons, seriously puzzled. Then le bf googled on "how to eat caviar" or something like that. lololol. Then we just placed the luxurious salty fish eggs, egg yorks and onions on a piece of toast bread then omnomnom~

Tasted like Ebikko. Hahahaha.

Then, after some time, here comes my main course of the night:

Victoria Station's Prized Cut Sirloin Steak

A Photo of moi and the beef that I'm gonna stuff inside my tummy so I won't forget how it looks like. lol.

Words I can think of while savouring the steak: juicy, tender, succulent... What else ah? My English so poor I can't think of any other words to describe the piece of beef that gave me mouthgasm on that night. lol.

Can't finish it all and have to give a portion to le bf. Ahh~ Tummy so full I feel so happy. Hahaha!

While waiting le bf to finish his and my steak, I'm bored so I do silly stuff.

Tummy is so full of yumminess but le bf insists to get a cake for me, at least a slice for that day. He let me choose: Victoria Station ones or Secret Recipe's. Seeing I don't come here often and I saw there's a comment on foursquare about their chocolate cake, so chocolate cake from Victoria Station it is!

Purposely went to Daiso and buy fancy candles while we're at Tokyo Street noon that day. Haha. I asked le bf to order the cake and I went to toilet. Then the captain/manager must be thinking le bf is giving me a surprise with the cake....

So they come and sang birthday song to me after I'm back from the restroom. lol. Shocked me for a bit but yeah~ Happy Birthday to Me!!! ^_^

I can haz star candle.
Wishing upon a S T A R!

Happy Happy!

It is such a wonderful day for me. My birthday celebration couldn't be better. Thanks for everything my love. Thank you for fulfilling my wishes and satisfy my cravings either food or shopping. You're the best I can ever had!!!

And thank you to friends who remembered my birthday and wished me. Thank you~!

Last but not least,
a photo with the train's locomotive outside Victoria Station that I waited all these years.


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