Friday, June 29, 2012

第一次 ❤ First Time

Starring Angelababy and Mark Chao, this is a lovely first love story movie, directed by Yan Han 韩延.

Only showing at certain cinemas in KL, the one that me and le bf went (MidValley), almost fully seated! Even the first row was taken by few. I don't know is it the influence of Angelababy's prettiness, or the movie is really that good.

It turns out, both. To be honest, who wouldn't wanna see someone so pretty smile and look all cute on the screen? Angelababy really fits into the character as well, lovely, considerate, kind, warm and so. She's almost like an angel in there, except a broken one. (You'll know what I mean if you watch it.)

The different characteristic of the actor and actress make perfect contrasts and oddly matching of them being together. Mark Chao's character is a lead singer in an underground grunge rock band, so yeah, crazy stuff he did to impress miss lovely Angelababy.

A lot of cute ideas infused into the plot and it somehow reminds me of this French movie called "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain" or known as Amélie. The songs, place, settings, cute lil props they used, graphics and whole cinematography, just plain lovely.

The sweetness of falling in love for the first time, anxiety, worry, the crazy things that you'll do, the boundaries that you're gonna break, the moment you fall for love and you know there's nothing you can do about it to stop yourself from falling even though it may break you....

You will remember the taste of the sweetness of love, for your lifetime.

Here are some beautiful phrases/dialogues from the movie (in Chinese) that I love:

1. 我喜欢磁带,因为它在提醒你时间在流逝。

2. 我只录A面,因为B片由你来录。

3. 总抱怨生活不美的人,就察觉不到生活的美。

4. 既然改变不了事情,便改变看事情的态度。

5. 逝去的人不会只带给别人悲哀的,对吗 ?        

6. 每个人都希望自己的人生能被照亮一次,不是吗?

7. 还记得这个味道吗?我说过,它会永远提醒你,我们的爱情是真实的

Now, go watch this movie and cry! (I feel like crying but I hold it inside.... because me and le bf don't have tissue!!! LOL!!!!)

P.S: This movie is an adaptation from a Korean movie called "" released back in year 2003.

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