Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ghost on Air 靈聽

Ah... God decided to put on a heavy rain show for France vs Ukraine's match and now the match suspended, will be resume at 1a.m. Malaysia time, so I'm here to tell some Friday ghost story.

Haha... Nah, don't have ghost story to tell but have something to say bout the ghost movie showing in cinema recently - Ghost on Air.

Quite some time didn't watch ghost movie, the last was Paranormal Activity 3? Or was it Don't Be Afraid of the Dark? Ahhh whatever.

I seldom support local ghost movie because had this painful experience that me and my best friend Suki went to watch local production ghost movie then we left the cinema hall after one hour viewing because we can't stand the shitty plot and it's not scary AT ALL.

For someone who is afraid of ghost stories like Suki who turned on her room lights for as long as 3 months while sleeping after listen to what I told her about Ju-On, pissed off because wasted her money on trying to watch a ghost movie that's not scary at all. Lol.

Ok, that's how I dislike local ghost movie and why I will watch one today? Maybe because to pass time before the football match.

I'm not sharing the storyline here so no spoilers, but I think local-Singapore collaboration production ghost movie is quite scary.

The sound effect, the gloomy scenes, place and settings of this movie, can make your heart pounds faster. For some scary scenes, even I hold my breath and stunned a lil bit. ( not to mention le bf held his feet up from the ground due to shocked by those scenes lol 可哀想)

But seriously, storyline so-so only. Confusing than Prometheus. Lots of incidents happened and indirectly chained together that makes the storyline goes a bit bumpy. Some details are not well explained too. Aiks.
Questions in my head after the movie.

If you're looking for something to be afraid of, something to increase your heart beat rate, this movie is quite suitable for you to scare the hell out of yourself out of nothing lol. But if you're die hard fans of horror movies, finding a good twist of storyline and even Ju-On can't scare you, then sorry the storyline isn't good enough then.

Ahh... Summer vacation nights are perfect for ghost stories. Lol.

Anyway, back to the France-Ukraine match. Bonne chance, en France!

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