Monday, June 18, 2012

Girl in Pink Boots

Euro 2012 is becoming a part of me life that seriously influencing my sleep routine and daily activities, or should I say, there's no 'daily' activities for me recently huhuhu.

So, I try to minimize my make-up time when heading out as I was really exhausted. Here are the steps:

Left: Foundation only
Right: Eyebrows and eye colour done.

Close-up of my eye-make.

I just did some highlight under my eyebrow and the inner corner of my eyes with the pearl white eyeshadow and did the liner on my upper eye line and lower eye line using the darkest shade from my eyeshadow palette.

So no need choose colour or do the blending of eyeshadow colours or what. Very easy, just draw the liner, using eyeshadow, and that's it.

Today, I choose YOU!

Curl your own eyelashes and apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara before you apply fake eyelashes. You don't want to be call as: The girl with two layer of eyelashes.

Eye done lip done.

Lips colour of the day: Pink ombré. I used pink lipstick to colour the centre of my lip, and nude pink lipgloss to line and fill. So the the outcome won't be too dull with just one colour and not too pink at the same time because I already have so much pink colour on me!

How come I looked so weird in this photo? Hmm....

Very casual + warm as we're going to MidValley!
Strong airconding they have.

I think le bf got the inspiration of taking me to bowling centre for one round of bowling after he sees how I wore lololol.

Now my left butt cheek feels sore, right arm as well. Got shitty score, don't ask about it. Had lots of fun, thank you love.

Pink pink pink!

If you wonder why I looked dull here it's because my fake eyelashes fell off and I didn't bring my eyelash glue.
So have to pull them off. Gah~ 


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