Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Malacca: Chapter - f o o d

This is the first time I went to Jonker Street to search for food and God decided to give me some heavy rain as something memorable for my first visit, so didn't really found anything to eat that night.

Sugar Coated Grapes.
The only thing I had during the Jonker Street visit,
and it is not even Malaysia food/snack fml.

Ahh~ Whatever.

That rain totally spoilt our mood, but believing that there'll be nicer weather the next day. Decided to wake up early and visit the place again, and search for the famous Jonker88.


Queued for around 1 hour under the scorching hot sun. I keep on apply body mist sunblock and le bf's head keep on got poked by the umbrella held by uncle that queued behind us. People really need to be careful and aware they're with their umbrella. It's an umbrella, not Facebook poke.

Menu and Ah Mah Fish Cake available.

Food and Cendol were separated stalls, so have to order separately. When it's almost our turn, I ordered Cendol and le bf ordered our food. I took our cendols into the restaurant to find seats but no, totally full house.

Standing there for almost 10 - 20 mins, but no sign of people leaving their table. Pity le bf, have to take 1 heavy tray and look around. This is how crowded Jonker88! For those who have no patient to wait, don't come here at all....

But I tell you, good food worth the wait, especially it was as good as these:

Baba Cendol
Tastes soooooo good that the ones I had in Penang a week after feels so 'bleh'.
Gula Melaka gao gao!!!

Le bf had Durian Cendol, but I'm not a fan of durian, so I just had a sip. Oooo~ Definitely love by those durian lover.

Baba Laksa Kahwin Nyonya Laksa

A bit spicy, with a hint of sour and coconut milk. Indescribable kind of taste but definitely something you won't find anywhere else!

Baba Rendang Chicken with Nyonya Nasi Lemak

This is me being 'guai lan' again. When everyone is ordering either Baba laksa, Nyonya laksa or Baba laksa kahwin Nyonya laksa, I decided to order Nasi Lemak. Hahaha.

But W O W! This is the yummiest Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken that I've ever tasted in my life thus far.

While having our main course, le bf decided to give a try for Ah Mah Fish Cakes and those fried side dishes... End up we can't finish and have to ask the worker to pack up for take away.

And the best part is, while waiting for him to do packing, le bf and me bought fresh fruit juice to quench our thirst after meal. Waited quite some time for the Ah Mah to done preparing our fruit juice and after we get ours, we happily paid and went off....

Our fried fish cake and side dishes... Left at the restaurant. lolololol. We didn't even realize it until we reach Nadeje or something! Hahahaha

We parked our car at the Jonker Street, decided to walk to all the tourist spots around. ( I'll post about those later.)

Had really hard time finding the Nadeje shop at Plaza Mahkota! But at last....

My first Nadeje cake - Praline Lover and Mocha for le bf.

This shop is crowded as well and by the time we reach (about 4pm+), lots of flavor have already sold out. I wanna try their Tiramisu!!! Sobs.

Partially the shop's crowded is due to their slow service.

Dine-in customer can't make order of the cake at their seat and have to line up to make order after being seated. Cakes that are reserved didn't remove from the display fridge so people keep on order those unavailable ones and have to look all over again when being told what they want is unavailable. Drinks take forever to come so as well as bill payment. Table don't have number but they asked: What number is your table so they can send your cake to you.

LOL. Funny or what.


Their cake is quite different from others. Lotsa cream and layers. I quite like it but definitely not that desperate to have one tho. lol. But still, I wanna try their Tiramisu!!!!!

Walked for the whole day and had our dinner at Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup later that night.

Satay Celup - Where Lok-Lok, Satay taste sauce and Curry sauce all mixed together.

Another crowded restaurant. My first time trying satay celup and I've been consistently wondering what's so nice about it. Maybe the sauce or something, too bad I don't find it appetizing and definitely not my cup of tea. 

Seems not much food we had during this trip but still, tried most of them for the first time. Thanks Cassandra who gave me the info for these shops and location. Really thank you for your recommendation, me and le bf had lotsa fun trying all these out.

I wanna eat more and different food during my next visit!!! (But don't know when... lol!)

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