Sunday, June 10, 2012

Malacca: Chapter - p l a c e

Been years since I last visited Malacca, my memories about those tourist spots are vague so I decided to pay visit to all the places that I could during the trip this round with le bf.

After referring to the tourist map that's attached to the hotel's door room, the first and nearest place we head to is St. John's Fort.

It's a very simple Dutch fort remains at this hill that stairs were well constructed for the ease to climb to the top. Cannons can be seen around this fort and they're mostly pointing inland because the threat from inland are much more serious than from the sea during that era.

St. John's Fort, few cannons and no people around except us.
Guess not much people are interested in this fort that's located out of Malacca town.

Burning hot the cannon that I sat on.
Didn't know why I did that anyway. lol.

After this, we parked our car at Jonker Street and had our lunch there. Then we starting to tour around from there, by walking. We must be kinda out of our mind because the weather is so hot I think I got about 2 - 3 tone tanner from that day's visit. Boohoo~

First stop fron Jonker Street:
Christ Church Melaka
Queen Victoria's Fountain
and the Malacca Fort that's just right opposite of Queen Victoria's Fountain.

This Malacca Sultanate Watermill is HUGE!!!

Maritime Museum a.k.a Museum Samudera a.k.a
The replica of Flor De La Mar.
Did I told you I really like this ship a lot a lot!?

From the Maritime Museum, we walk towards Menara Taming Sari, had a tea break at Nadeje, then walk to Fort A Famosa - The all-time-favourite tourist spot in Malacca.

The Porta De Santiago
Only the gate house and few cannons remain still, since 1511.

Then, me and le bf climbed all the way up to St. Paul's Church and Francis Xavier's Church. Actually the feeling is quite weird seeing so many people around, some take photos, some selling souvenirs, some even doing singing to earn for living, surrounded by those old Portuguese tombstones.

Lotsa tombstones, people throwing syillings and vandalism.
I wonder does those people get haunted by Portuguese ghosts at night. =/

OMG Tombstones. 

St. Paul's Church & Statue of Francis Xavier.
A large Casuarina tree fell on the statue and broke of its right arm which incidentally,
Xavier's right forearm was cut and sent to Rome in year 1614.

Decided to take bicycle rickshaw back to Jonker Street around evening as we have little energy left for the night. Wanna take a good look around Jonker Street since this is my first time here. Keep on distracted by cheap prices of accessories. lol.

Then saw this lady who is physically handicapped doing Chinese calligraphy and create poems out of your name! Decided to get one calligraphy writing poems that combine me and le bf name! And I like it so much. Really thank you for your wishes too Madam.

Feels grateful for who and how I am.
I will take this as an initiative to be brave in facing life's difficulties!

Went to the air conditioned + free admission Royal Malaysian Customs Museum after the HUGE Watermill at Quayside just for the sake of lower down the body heat. Saw a lot of illegal stuff confiscated by Malaysian Customs Officer...

Antelope's head wall mount. 

And then I think I'm one of the illegal items too that being confiscated. lol.

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