Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Mask

Finally, got my complete basic set of face care from day till night. 

Masks from SASA, Hada Labo's and SASATinnie candy.

Camera by MeituXiuXiu. Crap.

Picked up some masks from SASA because of their 4 for RM10 promotion. Tried the red wine mask and face felt rejuvenating despite went to bed around 6am because of Euro football match + supper/breakfast.

Girls who like football, do mask often these days if you stay up late to watch Euro, it really helps.

Complete my night face care with Hada Labo's moisturizing face cream and eye cream. Its Super Hyaluronic Acid can be absorb by face and skin around eyes quickly, leaving my skin feels soft and supple. Can be felt so after first apply.

Will keep using and see if the result is satisfying.

Tangy colour lipgloss.

Gotta apply some summer colour on my lips! Yeah~ (But haven't try it yet. Didn't really go out during daytime recently. lol.)


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