Monday, June 4, 2012

Mentaiko in Spring

Spring dress, and I'm giving it to my friend because it's too short for me! SAD MAX!!!!! 

If I lift both my hands up can see my safety pants already. I don't even know how I manage to survive and pulled it through. I guess this will only be my one and only time to wear this dress. I really, really love this dress tho. (Some more my le bf paid for this, boohooo~ T_T)

But rather than just leave it in the closet, I guess letting it find a new owner will be better. Pretty dresses like this should be out on the street.

Bye bye, my one and only spring dress.
I'll miss you.
And say hello to my new owl friend. lol.

Had lunch with le bf at Yashi-no-mi Japanese Cafe because his colleague told him there's this yummy mentaiko omurice set. I'm in love with mentaiko since I had it at Sushi Zanmai last year... So yeah, thanks le bf bring me there for this wonderful lunch.

Yashi-no-mi have this very Japanese feeling, with Japanese songs as bgm and NHK on tv, just like those cozy family type restaurant we see in Japanese drama.

Salad! I don't know what dressing is this but damn, they're delicious!
I'm in love with salad for the first time!

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng.... Here comes the main dish:

Mentaiko Omurice

There's mentaiko all over the rice inside the omelette and the omelette tasted so nice and fluffy! Even though it looks like a simple dish but if you're a mentaiko lover, you'll love it! (OMG I wish I can have one now, hungry!!!)

Then, decided to have a hairstyle change at Toyako Salon, Fahrenheit 88.

I'm one of the model to work on their grand opening day bout 1 and half years ago and since then I've been going back to the same salon when I needed a haircut. I don't know why, I just like the salon very much! (Even though it's not that cheap... but oh well, I only cut my hair once a year. lol.)

Jeng Jeng~

With bangs now. ^_^

The hair-stylist didn't chop off much of my hair, so basically the length still remains.

JUNE is HERE!!! My favourite-st month of the year!

And guess what, le bf bought me my first birthday present since last week:

Choo Choo Cat's Tote Bag + Magazine

Been wanting neko stuff for quite some time, saw this at Kinokuniya Japanese department months ago and I just can't stop thinking bout it! Finally~ This cute, lady-ish elegant neko is now MINE!!!

How the cat bag looks like. Beige x Pink! 

I'm a HAPPY girl! 嬉しい♥

p.s: Suppose to blog this last Thursday but damn, connection down. Gah~ All the delays... I have so much to blog now. lol.

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