Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Presento 3.0

This year, le bf grant me 3 wishes oops, birthday presents. I have no idea why 3 presents but not one or two or 20... But anyway, thank you for all the presents. I really like them so, so much!

The first one was the Choo Choo Cat bag HERE.

Then didn't plan to get the other 2 yesterday, but oh well, le bf so eager wanna buy them so made a visit to Times Square.

(side note: The original plan was go to Taman Pertama to have our dinner, but then came up this Times Square plan so we ditched the original one. Just now while I was browsing Twitter, saw Sinchew's Twitter timeline stated there's a dangerous person at Taman Pertama last night, drunk drugged and with gun. Oh thank God we didn't went!)

Present 2.0 - Hot Pink Dr Martens(fake) boots!!!

Present 3.0 - In love with this faux leather black sling back. Very comfy touch it has.

Right after we reach Times Square, saw there's Japanese food fair, grabbed some snacks.

Hello Panda choco cream biscuit
Honey lemon drink
Oreo Uji Matcha soft cookie
Lemon juice gummy

Seriously, I left out the 'soft' word and thought it is hard like normal Oreo cookie...

When I put it in my mouth and chew.... The feeling is just.... Geli.
As geli as the movie Piranha 3DD we watched last night. lol.

Soft cookie and shitty movie.
ahhhh~ Kena bomb gao gao.

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