Friday, June 15, 2012


Pyssla, the craft beads to make pixel art. I'm currently obsessed with this and there's so many beads in the container I'm gonna make so many rainbows and give to my friends and family. lol.

Pyssla beads RM29 and templates (4/set) RM7.90

So while watching the Netherlands vs Germany match, the urge to create pixel art kicked in so I decided to took photos and share how it's done.

Firstly, know what concept/idea you want. If unsure if your idea works, draw it down and try to draw square grid lines on it, then you'll get better picture of how the idea will come out as. As for me, I googled. lololol.

Choose the colours that you want out from all the colours available.
Can you guess what I'm going to do? 

Hahaha~ Now you know what I'm doing.
Arrange those beads accordingly to your concept/idea.

This is actually quite time consuming.
Slowly arrange those beads one by one.
And I'm almost there....

Tadaa!!! A Pokeball!!! 

And time to make those beads stick together. You'll need:

Iron and parchment paper that's included in the boards set.
(Adults guidance are needed here for kids who are doing this themselves)

Place the parchment paper on those beads you just arranged

Then iron them!

It's quite hard to tell how long you need to iron it as there were no instructions in the templates set nor the Pyssla beads container, so I think "iron-till-you-satisfy" will do?

So I normally iron them till they melt and really stick together.
It's quite easily break apart actually if you didn't iron them long enough.

Let it cool down before you tear off the parchment paper,
because the melting beads will stick to the parchment paper if you tear it off while it's still hot.


Gotta Catch'em All!


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