Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Really such a hot day isn't? Can't really fall asleep without turning on the aircond.

I'm a summer baby (because I was born in June) and I'm very happy with it. Summer is all about fun, vibrant colours and happy vacations to the beaches~! I guess I'm cheerful due to the spirit of summer in me.

And then, I wear this summer-ish look from Uniqlo on my birthday last week:

The colourful Coca-Cola UT x light orange Easy Leggings
by Uniqlo

And then, I decided to took part in Uniqlo's Uniqlooks Malaysia.

So please click LIKE for me HERE if you like how I dressed up in Uniqlo's apparels on my birthday. Best of all, there's no need to signup or login or anything, just click the like button and voila!

The contest period is from 1st - 21st of June. Do take part and share your Uniqlooks too if you're one of the Uniqlo lover.

Thank you very much for your 'likes' and support. ^_^

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