Wednesday, June 27, 2012


located at Taman Segar, this is the 3rd time I visited Venezia, twice before they refurbish and this time, I finally get a taste of their famous Tiramisu!

Venezia... Venice, Italia?

Their new logo, with a tomato.

Le bf's Iced Cappuccino.
Super bitter for me.

Wild mushroom soup with a dash of cream on top! Yums!
I just love mushroom soup!

Here comes the main course I ordered for that day:

Dory fillet in cream butter.

Taste so butter-ish and creamy and surprisingly, not salty at all. Tasted quite bland to be honest after I ate half of it.... I wonder did the chef forgot to put salt in it? Or am I the one who supposed to put salt by myself for extra taste?

Spaghetti alle Vongole

Didn't try the spaghetti because I was on a 'injury diet', can't eat any seafood related food or else might create pus to my wounds because I removed my moles that time. Am glad I manage to hold myself not to eat any eggs, peanuts, seafood (not that I really like seafood) and ginger. Scabs all gone and yeah~ nice and pretty now haha!

Last but not least~

Their signature Tiramisu

Smooth and creamy custard, aromatic with a dash of chocolate sweetness and coffee bitterness, this rum soaked trifle is definitely bring your senses to heaven.

While half way blogging bout this, I went for dinner and decided to go visit Venezia again but they're currently closed due to upgrade of their ventilation system and will reopen this Saturday (30th June 2012). ARGH! No Tiramisu! Had to settle for Secret Recipe. (V_V)

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Amelia said...

Angelababy! She's so beautiful... The movie looks good too, I wanna watch :D

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Yes she is!
The movie is quite good as well~ Just go watch!

(How did your comment get into this post? lol!)