Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whisk Outpost

Guessed me and le bf went a lil bit siao ding dong when we decided to stop by Whisk Outpost at One Utama for our dinner. 

First saw this quaint lil café located just beside Meet Fresh (my fav Taiwan dessert shop among all) when I first found out Meet Fresh opened at One Utama. Decided to give Whisk Outpost a try last week. 

Lots of vintage stuff around. Like the feel very much.

Red Velvet Cake

As this is the first time I had red velvet cake, so no way to compare, but I like how unique the cake tasted like. The contrast colour of its creamy vanilla frosting and the red layered cake is strangely attractive.

It's quite nice for me because I love sugary stuff. lol.

Mochacino Con La Nutella

One of Whisk Outpost signature. Mocha + Cappuccino + Nutella spread covered the cup. Just one sip your can taste the rich chocolatey creaminess of Nutella flowing with a bit bitterness Mochacino in your mouth. Very unique yet aromatic cup of coffee.

Then me and le bf ordered Croissant with tomato and cheese and sandwich with chicken and tomato. This 'dinner' costs RM50+. (XoX) Really OMG moment when the cashier told us the amount of bill.

Le bf keep on console me say is ok is ok just an experience but still feel so bad he have to pay so much for one dinner.


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Unknown said...

i visited this cafe twice. havent tried their cakes, yet. gonna try that red velvet :)