Monday, June 25, 2012


Went to Penang with Xuan Xuan and 30 members from The Oh's Family for a 3 days 2 nights trip. I'm glad I can accompany Xuan Xuan during his school holiday (he goes to nursery nowadays). I miss him very much! >_<

En route very early in the morning, and stopped at Sg. Bakap for Teochew breakfast. I can't remember those dishes name, but not that cheap tho. (and not my type of dishes as well, so I just have a taste of each.)

Chai Kueh on the left, forget what soup dy but use fish to boil, and fried glass noodles.
Very Teochew.

Xuan Xuan had his very first experience on a ferry and I'm very happy as well to be the one who accompany him this time. We talked about sea colours, what's floating on it, and he's so excited to see all those ships and ferries around. LOL.

The first thing we did after reached Penang island is check-in to the place we stay and search for food. Non-stop eat only during this trip.

Asam Laksa, Hokkien Mee and Penang's Famous Cendol at Restoran Joo Hooi, Penang Road.
(But I like Malacca's more!)

Hutton Lodge is where we stayed. Bed & Breakfast style.
Their toast is the best I don't know why and how!
Better than Old Town or Paparich!

After lunch and chilled at room for a while, the next destination will be Batu Ferringhi. Beach. Perfect for chilling as well.

Actually it's a water sport beach.
Damn regret didn't bring beach wear so I can do some water sports!

Looking out for Xuan Xuan while he plays with at the beach. Happily playing with his cousins splashing water and got chased by waves. Haha. So fun looking at him being so happy.

This is how my boy looks like! Handsome boh? Haha!

Brilliant me, even wear long jeans to beach. wtf.

Then after playing at the seaside, the drivers were going round and round trying to search for a food court nearby that someone used to bring them. We guessed the food court closed down or something so we had to go back to Penang Road area for food.

Traffic quite heavy and lots of traffic jams. 9pm++ only able to have our dinner. Hungry die us. lol.

The next day morning, after breakfast at Hutton Lodge, they decided to go to Batu Ferringhi again, and this time, to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. I didn't know Penang have Taman Negara, quite shocking when I first knew that. It's a newly established tourist spot I guess?

Instead of going through the forest first, they all decided to take speed boat to the Monkey Beach. My first time of taking speed boat with Xuan Xuan!

So fun when it speed!

So happy we keep on laugh and cheer when the boat driver speed. 

I'm super afraid of getting tanner and tanner due to non-stop outdoor visits for these few weeks I slapped on a lot of sunblock! Even wear sunglasses and cover myself with scarf. Like a weirdo haha.

After lunch at the Monkey Beach, we seperate into two groups, one is those elderly people who can't manage to walk for 1 hour+ through the forest and back to where we park, they get to go back by speed boat. I'm in the 2nd group, obviously.

So, we walked and walked, climbed the stairs and tree roots up and down and finally, about 1 hour and half we reached the exit of the Taman Negara. It's really not a hard road to be honest but I wore skirt and flats that day super fml.

Some who lead the group say they saw an iguana as big as crocodile!!! Why oh why I wanna see that too! Must be stunning!

I'm quite impressed I manage to walk the whole route without feeling tired. I guess I'm still quite fit. Need to exercise more regularly for a healthier body!

After chilled awhile at the benches, the next destination is Balik Pulau. Yeah~ Home made asam laksa and durian.

Home made asam laksa.

It's just at the roadside at Balik Pulau I'm not sure of its address tho. You have to visit them early if not around 3 - 4pm their asam laksa sold out for sure. We 30 people have to share 3 bowls of asam laksa. Damn kelian.

Other than asam laksa, they have rojak, pai tee (popiah ni cupcake style) and nutmeg juice. Quite delicious! I wanna re-visit this place again with le bf next time.

Kinda forgot what we had for dinner that night, very tiring day to be honest.

Last day at Penang, after check-out, we went to Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). I didn't even aware that the old cable cars are gone and replaced by the new, speedy cable car. Just about 5 minutes can reach top of the hill already. Wow!

But I'm seriously disgusted by those people who doesn't even know how to queue. The cable car is definitely going to wait for you, no need to push like there's a monster behind chasing you and you're gonna die if you don't get into the cable car in time. Damn dulan!

Penang Hill

The awesome view of Penang island. 

Xuan is being a brave boy able to climb up and down the mountain, walked long distance and aren't afraid of sea.
I'm proud of you my lovely boy!

So happy to be able to visit these places with Xuan Xuan. These are very precious memories to me and I cherish them all so much. I hope he is as happy as I am to having his company in this trip.

I wonder when and where will be the next trip of me and Xuan Xuan.

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