Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ya, if you read my previous blog posts about UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Contest you already have the idea I didn't get intot the Top 5... But when I check the official UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Malaysia website, I saw a bronze ribbon written '3' on the top of my photo.

LOL. 3rd prize winner ar. Hahahaha. Like die die wanna add some title on even though defeated, but still I like it! Gonna made it into a banner and show off at the side of my blog hahaha. It's the first online competition that I actually made it into the final and winning myself something, so let me 'buay paiseh' a bit ok? Haha.

UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Reunion Dinner that I missed 90% of it. Luckily still in time to meet them and took some group photos. A bunch of happy people!

UNIQLO FAM with super organizer Choon!

LOL. RM300 for shopping at UNIQLO
Not bad ar!

Guess what, we get to keep our life-size bunting. I'm kinda headache how to deal with this bunting of mine. If hang it shows I'm narcissist, if didn't hang it like wasted. Decision decisions lolololol.

Self proclaim model and blogger hahahahaha.

Muffin: what the eff is this?

I guess this will be the very last post about UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS. Let's see if they're doing it next year. I'm gonna join again because I just love UNIQLO brand so much!!! XD

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ms.bulat said...

grats! and thats a really big bunting!