Tuesday, July 24, 2012


HAHAHAHA The title of this blog post is not making any sense isn't? It's one of the new song from Miyavi and I saw him last night at the Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary event! So near that if I reach out my hands I can touch him already!!!! *syok sendiri high sendiri again lololol*

I'm currently listening to Miyavi's song called A-HA hence the title because I can't think of any right now. My brain is currently stucked and froze due to all sorts of information coming in since this morning. Heavy processing so lag abit. A-HA is a nice song anyway!!!

Past week fashion:

Lol. Got look like good girl or not?

You probably seen the same coordination before but minus neon colour accessories.

Super love my neon yellow flat pump!

Went to UNIQLO UNIQLOOK's Reunion Dinner that day but end up stuck in jam for 2 hours. By the time I reach One Utama it's almost the end of the dinner already. Can't believe I missed it!!! Le sigh. I'm so gonna miss each and every one of them and their funny conversations.

Girls night out with secondary schoolmate:

Cherry Bon Bon

Beige high-low chiffon skirt.
Chiffon is love.

With peach wedges on.

Don't know what was I thinking with the cherry clip on my hair. Hahahaha. But I like it so much!

Went to Zoo Negara with le bf:

High Bun, Eyeliners and new stud earrings from Diva.

Cropped T over stripe dress x Converse sneakers

First thing le bf ask me is: Is it comfortable to walk in this long dress? I tell him I can walk even bigger steps than him lololol.

Eventful week this week again. First, saw Miyavi yesterday, movie night tonight, tomorrow is the Miyavi's concert and get to watch Ena Matsumoto at Pavilion, Tokyo Street this weekend!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!

I'm doing the fashion show this Saturday for the Tokyo Fashion Fiesta. Come watch the fashion show featuring brands from Japan like Emoda *loves* and Rosebullet! I just can't wait to see Ena Matsumoto!!!!!!!!!

See you this Saturday at Pavilion's center court 3pm!!!

Japan, Japanese and Japan stuff overdose I'm heavily drugged!!!! ❤❤❤

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